Saturday, March 19, 2011

70 MInutes

70 minutes is a long time.

Friday's run was supposed to be for 70 minutes, and I did it! Well, let's just say I was out there for 70 minutes. I didn't quite run it all.

It was a little chilly, but not too bad. I ran up towards the avenues, and look at what I saw as I ran by Temple Square!

I really tried to enjoy my run, and there are definitely parts that I enjoyed, but I can't believe how hard it was for me! When I got closer and closer to my turn around point, 35 minutes, I was looking at my watch every 10 seconds or so, and I kept wanting to stop and walk.

The last few miles were really hard. I gave in and walked a lot more than I feel happy about, and I was grateful when I had to stop at the long stoplights. I had a side ache in both sides, and my knee was hurting a little. Nothing terribly bad, but enough to make me want to walk.

When I got close to my house, I was walking and thinking about how terrible I did on this run, and I really almost started crying. I imagined myself walking into the house and crying to Pete about it. But when I walked into the house, George was the one crying so my plans changed. It's hard to cry about your run when you're baby's crying and you've got a job to do. Having something to do when I got home actually made me feel better. I did take a nap later in the day, though, and that was nice. My legs were pretty tired for the rest of the day.

I'm almost embarrassed to post my numbers, but here they are:
  1. 12:09
  2. 12:55
  3. 12:27
  4. 11:48
  5. 13:12
  6. 7:27 (That's for less than half a mile. Slooooow)
Total time: 1:10
Total distance: 5.48 miles
Average pace: 12.46/mile

It's hard not to get depressed when I can't even run 5.5 miles in 70 minutes. I used to be able to do a little more than 7 miles in that amount of time. In fact, 7-9 mile runs used to be my favorite, especially when I'd run up the avenues and get to run back down on my way home.

I can't think like that though. I need to just think about where I'm at now and not where I used to be because that's just depressing.

On a happier note, my sister did her 70 minutes today and she did great. She said nothing really hurt and that she was wishing it would have been longer! I'm so happy that her running is going so well!

Tonight I watched the video one of my biggest tri/running heros, Sonja, made of her latest adventure. It consisted of running 26 miles along a deserted part of the west coast by herself in torrential rain. Yeah, she's amazing! (I wish I could say I knew her in real life, but I just follow her blog.)

The thing I loved the most about her video is what a good attitude she had the entire time! She was just happy to be out there. It also made me really excited to get my running fitness back so I can really enjoy my runs again, and be able to do stuff like that (maybe not quite like that, but whatever I want.) again.

Read about and watch Sonja's adventure here.


  1. It is such a bummer to feel disappointed after a run. I think you are awesome though! I did one sprint tri years ago and I really enjoyed the swim and run but hated the bike. I was on a mountain bike and just got passed left and right. It was so discouraging! What kind of bike do you recommend?

  2. I found your blog via Trainer Momma. This post has been wonderful to me. I'm trying to get back into running after having two different surgries removing fibroid tumors. It has been rather depressing. (It is hard for me to run more than 10 minutes now.) I'm glad to know that you don't have good runs, too. It makes me feel like I'm not alone.