Friday, March 11, 2011

First real long run?

Yesterday was our 10 year anniversary which means I've been married for 1/3 of my life now. It's been the best 10 years of my life, and it keeps getting better! (I love that I was born in 1980 and that I got married when I was 20 so it's really easy to figure these things out.)

This is the most recent picture I could find of me and Pete, and it was taken in September.

So, what did we do for our big anniversary? Well, I went swimming, and we had some delicious red velvet cake. Then Pete got on a plane and went to Austin for SXSW. Great anniversary right? It's not like we were going to do much anyway with a 2-month-old who I can barely leave for an hour. We're already planning next year, though. It involves snowboarding, and it's going to be so fun!

Anyway, Pete's going to be gone for 8 days. EIGHT DAYS! How am I going to manage without him for that long? I don't think we've even been apart for that long since we got engaged.

One of the biggest problems, other than missing him, is figuring out how to do my workouts. I could take the kids to the childcare at the gym, but that's the last place to take a little baby when you're trying to avoid getting him sick in the middle of RSV season. So, I called a friend and asked her if she could watch Elle and George for an hour while I ran today. She is so wonderful and of course said she would. I didn't mind at all that I had to wait until the afternoon for her to be able to do it, as long as I could do it sometime today.

Elle and I put George in the bike trailer (in his car seat) and went for a nice bike ride in the morning since it was such a nice day! She's been dying to ride her bike all winter. He seemed to really like it too, which is exciting for all the bike rides we have planned for the summer!

By the time the afternoon came around, you could almost say it was hot. And I did get hot on my run. I was wearing pants and had to roll them up half-way through!

I was supposed to run for an hour, but it was really hard for some reason. My feet and legs were hurting and my knee was feeling kind of funny, even having a little twinge that made me stop and walk for a minute, so I decided to cut it a little short. I ended up doing about 50 minutes instead.

That used to be such a normal length run for me, but now I can't believe how sore my legs are! Ug! I'm feeling a little discouraged about getting up to 13.1 miles, but I know I can do it! Not all my runs will be this hard, and hopefully my legs and feet will get used to it again soon.

Plus my sister is doing great! She called me this evening to tell me she did her 60 minutes, and that she was feeling really good afterwards. The other day she even suggested we do the Top of Utah marathon! It's so backwards that she's suggesting it and I'm the one saying, "I don't know..." It's supposed to be a really fun one, though. We'll see.

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