Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spin Class Let Down

I was so excited to get up this morning and go to spin class for the first time in forever! I used to love spin class. I was pretty much addicted to it when I lived in St. George and first started triathlon training. I'd never been to the class at my new gym, but I expected it to be awesome like most spin classes I've been to. The name of the class is actually "Cycle and Core" so I thought we'd be on the bikes for 45 minutes or so, then do some core work at the end. Sounds perfect for this new mama, let's go!

I got there at just a little before 6:00 to make sure I got in, even though the guy at the front desk told me it didn't fill up. I put my cycling shoes on, picked a bike and started spinning, expecting the teacher to come in at any time. She got there almost 15 minutes late. Then she only had us spin for about 10 minutes before having us get off the bike and start gathering mats, balls and cables to do some exercises on the floor. I didn't dare do that in my bike shoes so I just took them off and did them in my socks. I was kind of frustrated. I had been so excited to come spin my legs out because they were so sore from doing squats and other things yesterday, and what does she have us do? Squats! I ran and got my gym shoes and only did about half the amount of squats.

We got back on the bike for a few minutes, but I didn't bother changing my shoes again. We got back off and did some more floor work, several of the things I had done yesterday. Back on the bike for a few more minutes at the end, then it was over.

We were probably only on the bikes for 20-30 minutes out of the hour, and most of the stuff we did on the floor wasn't even core work. I was disappointed at the end to not feel all shaky and tired like I'm used to feeling at the end of spin class. From now on I'll just ride my trainer or go sit in the back and ignore the teacher because at least it was nice to go be around other people. Oh, and it wasn't even close to filling up. There were only 4 other people there. Now I know why.

Not that I didn't get a pretty good workout, it just wasn't what I was looking forward to. I don't know how much is from today and how much is from yesterday, but my legs are so sore now! Sitting down/standing up and going up/down the stairs is pretty painful, especially when carrying a 13 pound baby. Ouch.

I hope my legs feel better for tomorrow because I've got more running on the agenda!

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  1. Hi I saw your blog off of trainer momma and I think you ROCK! I am so impressed with your dedication! Two of my life time goals was to run a marathon before I turned 30 (I did one last Sept.) and to complete an IRONMAN. When I made the goal I had NO idea the amount of time and dedication that would be needed for this HUGE goal! So I am totally in awe with you! I have five children....but apparently that is no excuse!