Thursday, January 5, 2012

Faster Than I Thought & Back to Sick Land

So guess what?! I just found out that the original lap count for the New Years Revolution Run was wrong. Turns out I actually ran 34 laps which means I ran 9.4 miles in 1:30, not 8.5! That's 9:35 minute/mile pace which is more what it felt like! Whew! I'm pretty excited that I did that much, though! I'm closer to half marathon than I thought! The crazy thing is, the guy who won ran 119 laps in 4 hours. That's 32.9 miles! On a track. WOW!

Yesterday started off really well. I got up nice and early and was the first one at the pool! I got started even a little before 6:00 so I was able to cover 2350 yards in my hour at Master's. Chris was there too. We shared a lane like we did Friday. That was really fun! She is also a triathlete, and did Echo with me last year so it was fun to swim with her. We're about the same speed so we swam side-by-side which is good motivation.

After dropping the kids off, I started feeling really super tired, and would have loved to take a nap, but I couldn't because I was watching 2 little girls from the ward. They're sweet little girls, and really don't cause much trouble, but while they were here I could tell I was starting to come down with George's cold. I started downing the Vitamin C, but it was already too late.

Then, one of the girls started acting like she was feeling sick so I asked her if she was ok, and she said she just had a headache. So I got her a blanket, and she fell asleep in the rocking chair for a little while. Then, all a sudden she was throwing up! What!? I did not expect that. I had no way of contacting her parents since they didn't have a phone with them, so I just had to make her as comfortable as possible and try to disinfect everything! Luckily, George had just gone down for his nap when this happened, and didn't wake up until she was gone. But who knows what germs he was exposed to before that! I was just so frustrated since we were all sick twice last month and I really, really don't want to have to go through it again! Let's just hope no one caught it! When her dad picked her up, he did say that she has a really weak stomach and that sometimes she gets a headache and throws up (that would have been nice to know....) so I'm really hoping that's all it was and that she didn't bring any flu bugs into the house. We'll see I guess.

Soon after the girls left, I had to get dinner ready because we were feeding the missionaries. We had Aloo Gobi, which is one of our staples, and Chicken Tika Masala which I'd never made before, but it was so good! I did use coconut milk and just a little bit of cream instead of all cream because that's what I had, and lowered the salt as the reviews suggested. If you like indian food, I'd highly reccomend it! Next time I want to go pick up some naan to go with it. I don't know how much the missionaries appreciated it, though. It might have been too different for a kid from Florida and a kid from Arizona.

By the evening, I had a full-on cold and went to bed pretty much planning on skipping running int he morning. Sure enough, this morning, I felt like my head was going to explode. You're supposed to be able to run when you have a cold, but I thought a little more sleep would probably be better for me. I even got an hour nap while Elle was in school. Ethan stayed home sick to, but I think both of us are feeling much better tonight. He even went to swimming lessons. Hopefully everyone will be fit as a fiddle tomorrow!

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