Wednesday, January 18, 2012

My Rock Star Day

The last 2 weeks I missed my Thursday speed workout because I was sick two weeks ago, and because I was just so worn out last week! I decided a rest day was in order after my first bike/run day last Tuesday and a nice hard swim day last Wednesday. I'm hoping I can pull it off this week, though!

This week, I didn't run on Monday because we took the kids skiing, but I did stick to my Tuesday plan of awesome hard bike trainer class and easy run!

It was so hard to pull myself out of bed! I was running late, and I had that little voice in the back of my head telling me I should just stay home, but I got up, got my bike and trainer in the car drove down there, and got all set up before they started!

The bike class was such a good workout. The teacher, B.J., put the 1999 Ironman World Championship video up on the wall behind him, with his music on top. That was fun to watch and was really good motivation!

For January, we are working on high cadence so we did a lot of just fast spinning, and at one point B.J. pointed me out and told them to watch me because I was doing it right. I was pretty self conscious to keep doing it right after that, and hoped I was in the right gear! Then after class he told me I was a rock star! I know, I'm so easily flattered! I'm so bad at talking to people though. All I said was, "Oh... thanks!" I couldn't even manage a, "Shut up, you are!" ala Liz Lemon. That's more like what I was thinking because he is such an amazing triathlete and a great teacher/motivator! I'm so excited to be taking this class from him!

Anyway, that kind of made my day so when it was 17 degrees outside and time for my run, I felt like I could do anything! I bundled George up with warm PJs, socks, a hoodie, his snowsuit and a blanket. Once we got moving, he was totally happy. He fell asleep right away, and I put the blanket up over his face a little. His cheeks felt a little cold when we finished, but he never complained! I was only a little cold for the first mile, then I had to take my hood off (I still had a hat on) and I felt great! It was a little icy in spots so I had to be careful, but I ran on the bike path which was plowed so it was pretty clear most of the way. It was so calm and still and almost felt magical to me. I was so happy I had decided to go for it and run outside! Now I know 17 degrees is NOT too cold to run. :)

I made sure to make a bathroom stop half-way so I wouldn't have the same problem as last time. It was still a pretty slow run, but it was supposed to be easy, and I was pushing the stroller! I did 6 miles in 1:06.

The rest of the day was just really nice. I was in such a good mood the whole day. Pete would say, "You shouldn't need two workouts to feel good," but I think it wasn't just because I did two workouts. It was because I planned to do them, and followed through even though it didn't seem easy. It's always such a good feeling when you have those little victories!

This morning it was hard to get up again, and my friend Chris wasn't there at Masters so I was a little lonely, but I also got a really good workout! I managed to do 2500 yards (awesome right?) in my hour! Here's what I did, in case you're curious:

4 x 150 warmup - alternating free/kick
500 ladder w/20 second rests
500 strait
4 x 100 alternating breast/back and dolphin kick/back flutter kick
8 x 50 all out - first 4 on 1:00, last 4 on 1:15 (:40-:46)
100 cool down - breast/free/back/free

I got to take a very small nap during George's morning nap before picking up Elle. That was nice, even though it was very small.

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