Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Surfing Powdered Sugar

We finally got some snow this weekend! A little while after my run in the rain on Saturday, it turned into big, fat, fluffy, flakes! We all just stood there looking out the window, watching it fall. Elle even asked if it was raining snowballs. :) They were probably the biggest flakes I've ever seen, and it was really cool to watch! I was just glad I didn't have anywhere to go! This is what was going on just a few miles away from us in Bountiful (it starts out slow, but keep watching):

People are crazy!


A lot of rain and a little snow in the valley, meant it was dumping in the mountains! Yay!

We couldn't wait to get up there Monday morning. I dropped the kids off at school, and George at my friend, Brittany's house. She is just so good with him, and makes me not worry about leaving him, plus her daughter and Elle are just best friend so she was excited to go over there after preschool. Thanks Brittany!

Pete's friend, Hui, came with us up to Brighton and he even scored a ticket off a scalper for almost half price! Nice!

We got on the lift by 9:30 or 10, and we were so excited to see how beautiful the snow was and that there was hardly anyone up there! They had all come Sunday to catch the freshest powder, but there was plenty left for us!

We got to the top, and right off the bat, Pete took off down a steep part into the trees! I thought about trying to follow him, but knew I would just get stuck so I just followed Hui down the groomers, and we met back up at the bottom where we headed up for another round. I kind of got after Pete for ditching me, but he said he wasn't ditching me because he was in front of me! Anyway, this time we planned it out better. They were going to go more off course, and I'd just stay on the groomers by myself so I could work on my turns. This actually worked out really well! Towards the bottom, I was in a section where I was all by myself, and I had this huge area to just carve as many Ss as I wanted. It was really good practice for me!

When I got to the bottom, I sat there for a while resting and waiting for the guys. My legs were pretty tired since they're not used to doing so much front edge riding (yeah!). After I sat there for a while, I finally called Pete to see where they were, and he said they were kind of stuck and hiking out so I should just go do another run. So, I hopped on the lift with this kid from California. He moved out here in October chasing the snow which kind of sucks since we're just barely getting some! It's going to be worth it though! He said he had come Sunday, but they turned him away because the parking lot was full. I'm so glad we went the day after the day after the snow! When I told him I lived downtown, he asked me if I was going to the university! How sweet of him! Haha, again, easily flattered!

This run was another really good practice run for me, and I was just feeling so awesome and excited when I got to the bottom! I'm really starting to get it! Yay! It was so beautiful up there too, and the snow was so soft! It was SO much better (100 times better!) than last time!

This is a picture Pete took. He kept comparing it to Skyrim. Haha

Anyway, Pete and Hui were there waiting for me when I got there so we just hopped back on. This time we veered way over to the right so we could go up the Great Western lift. I didn't lose them quite as quickly this time, and it was really fun, but there were a couple places where it flattens out and I wasn't going fast enough to get through, or I'd go off into the deep powder and not be able to get out, so I had to walk a bit.

Great Western is a really long lift and it took us way up to the top of the mountain. It had started to snow a little bit on my second or third run, but now it was starting to snow a little harder, and the wind was picking up so it was really cold on the lift! When we got to the top, it was hard to even see the ground, everything was foggy and white. It felt kind of foreboding setting off in those conditions! It didn't last long, though. Once we got down a little bit, it was fine.

Here's a picture Hui took. You can see how foggy it was up a little ways!

Hui turned off the path right away so it was just Pete and I, and we were going to stick together, but that didn't happen. I tried to follow Pete, but ended up turning onto a deep, less ridden area. This was really cool, and fun, but I felt out of my league! All the guys there with me were at a much higher level so I felt really self couscous did a lot of starting and stopping. I just focused on getting back to the path. I wish I would have tried to enjoy it more, though, because really that was the funnest part of the day! I'll get there, though!

By the time I made it to the bottom, Pete was there waiting and he was done, and ready to go to the car. I probably would have been game for another run, but it's a good thing we left then because my legs were so sore afterwards!

That was 5 runs in all for me during about 3 hours. It was so awesome!

I had a hard time falling asleep my legs hurt so much, but I had faith that they would feel better in the morning and set my alarm to get up for my trainer class! I was too excited to go to skip it because of tired legs!

My legs did feel pretty much all the way better in the morning! Yay! It's amazing what a good night's sleep will do for your muscles! It is so nice that George is sleeping through the night now too!

Our trainer class was really hard, we did 10 fast spinning intervals for 90 seconds each. Ouch! Then single leg drills - 3 on each leg! I was glad when it was over, but also glad I went! We watched the 25th anniversary of Ironman while we road, and I'm getting really excited for my next Ironman! Whenever it will be...

I was going to do a really easy 3-4 mile run after I got the kids to school, but when I got home I found out that Elle had been throwing up so I just forgot about running. It won't kill me to skip a day, besides this is my recovery week anyway. I also went and donated blood this afternoon, so skipping the run was probably overall, a good thing!

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