Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fitting In The Bike

Well, the days of lounging around and only doing one workout a day are over! I'm doing a century in April remember? That's only 4 months away so I should probably remind myself how to ride my bike sometime. I'm also pretty sure I'm going to do Little Red Riding Hood Century in June too. Trouble is, I'm already working out 6 days a week, how am I supposed to fit riding my bike in there too!? The answer is, obviously, doing more than one workout a day! Wahoo!

Today was my first double workout of the year, and I am tired! I'm hoping it doesn't take too long for me to get used to it again!

I woke up at 5 am to get to Salt Lake Running Company by 6:00 with my bike and trainer. Today was their first free bike trainer class of the year. They'll be doing them every Tuesday morning until May, I think, when they'll switch it to a group ride up Emigration Canyon! Fun, fun!

I was a little nervous about going today because I'd never done a bike trainer class before. Anything new makes me a little nervous even if I tell myself it's no big deal because I just don't know exactly what it's going to be like. I'm so glad I went, though. It was really fun! There were 9 of us there, plus our instructor, B.J. Christensen. He's our local tri hero, training for IM St. George, and KONA so it was awesome to have him lead the workout. It was a really good workout and intro the the trainer riding season! I'm so excited to get back into riding my bike, it's been badly neglected these last 4 months!

I got home around the same time I do when I go swimming so that worked out well. I even had time to curl Mindy's hair and make breakfast before getting the kids to school on time! YAY!

It was very cold, but when I got home, I got George all suited up and we headed out on an "easy" run.

I didn't realize how tired my legs were until I started running! This was such a slow run! I was going to do 6 miles, but only ended up doing 5 miles in an hour! It was all because of the bottle of liquid I drank during that early morning ride that wanted to come out! I seriously went to the bathroom 3 times before I left, and I still had to pee pretty much the entire run! I kept having to stop and walk because of this. I constantly lament that they close the bathrooms at the parks along the parkway during the winter! (Though, they do plow the path, which was really nice!) I finally stopped at the rec center when I was about half a mile from home. I wish I would have done that on the way out because I felt so much better after that! Oh well, I was supposed to do an easy run, and that's what I got.

Also, look at all the geese we saw at the park! A few minutes later some boys came and made them all fly which was quite a sight!

So, that's what my Tuesdays are going to look like for the next several months. I'd like to work at least one more trainer ride into my week, and I'm thinking I'll do that Friday mornings after swimming... no, that might not be the best time since Elle doesn't have preschool on Fridays... I might have to go with Thursday nights since Pete goes climbing those nights anyway. The trouble with that is that I don't end up getting the kids to bed until 9 so I'd have to break my "in bed by 10:00" rule for that. I hate to make that a late night since I swim early on Fridays, but I don't know what time would be better to fit it in. I don't think I'll do it this week, though, because I'm pretty sore from this morning (I'm not used to sitting on a bike for an hour anymore!) and need to ease into it!

When there are more workouts than days of the week, how do you fit it all in? (I'd seriously love to hear how you guys do it)

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