Saturday, January 7, 2012

Finally a Snow Day & 9.5 Miles!

I was so happy to see it all white outside when I got up with George this morning! After going back to bed for a while, I woke up to the sound of the kids, filled with excitement, trying to get George's snowsuit on! I threw on my boots, grabbed my camera and went to help them. It wasn't even 8:00, but we had to get right out in that snow!

(Did I mention, I got a new camera for Christmas?!)

George loved crawling around in the snow, and yes, of course he had to eat some!

After breakfast, and getting George down for his nap, I drove up to the capitol to run on Bonnaville Boulevard, hoping it would be plowed.

(back to the camera on my phone)

It was plowed, just for us runners (and walkers and cyclists)! It was fun running while the tiny little snowflakes were just meandering down to the ground. It made me feel calm and happy.

I ran up City Creek twice to use the bathroom so I'm really glad they keep it open in the winter, even though the drinking fountain is turned off. That also helped me to put in more miles. I ran about a mile up, and the road was starting to get pretty snowy by the time I turned around.

I basically just ran around up there for 9.5 miles. It wasn't bad, but I was starting to feel it at the end and I was glad to be done. Even though that's the same distance I ran last week, it took me 6 minutes longer, and my legs felt it more. I guess it gets harder when you add asphalt and snow and hills. :)

To show how warm it's been lately, look at all the green in this stream:

It was a fun run, I really enjoyed getting out there! I was happy to see so many other runners and walkers out there too! I guess, unlike last time it snowed, everyone was ready and waiting for it to snow!

At around mile 5, I was running along, listening to Bon Jovi when I passed a runner I'd seen going the other way. I got ready to smile at him, then realized that I was already smiling! I glance at my Garmin and saw that I was just cruising along at 8:20 pace and just smiling. (it might have been slightly downhill...) I felt so good and happy! I love it! It's also a great feeling to know that I ran 9.5 miles this morning. I don't think that ever gets old!

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