Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Running and Rhapsody

First of all, let me say how excited I was that I had enough time to do Mindy's hair before school, and she actually LET me! Of course, the reason we had so much time was that Elle was up at 6:30. That was ok, though, because she let me stay in bed. Then Ethan was up by 7 when he somehow managed to squirt sanitizer into Elle's eye. Nothing like being woken up by your daughters blood curdling scream. I ran into the bathroom and started splashing water onto her eyes, and also all over her and the floor. After a few minutes, she was ok, but we were all up so time for breakfast! It really was kind of nice not to have to rush so much, though.

When we got home, Elle let me do her hair too! Probably because she wants to be just like Mindy in everything that she does. I was happy with this, though. My girls both didn't look like ragamuffins today, score! This is Elle's hair after a few hours, so it's not as fresh and Mindy's picture. Of course, it's hard to get such short hair to look very good in pig tails anyway.

This morning my knee was feeling a little funky so I was worried about how it would act during my run. I went to the gym prepared to make my run shorter/easier if it hurt, but that was not necessary. I got on the treadmill and started off nice and easy for .75 miles. Then I turned the speed up to 7.5 (8 min/mile pace) and did that for a quarter mile. Then I'd turn it down for .25 to recover, walking half of it, then bringing it up to jogging until it was time to turn it up again.

I did this 8 times. Well, actually, I did that 6 times. On the last two intervals, I turned the speed up to 7:53 min/mile pace! And I was able to do it! Yeah! I cooled down, doing about 10 min/mile pace, for half a mile which brought me to 5 miles.

Total Distance: 5 miles
Total Time: 54 minutes

Actually, I wasn't even feeling like I was going to die, so I think next time I'll do that faster speed for all my intervals. I'm sure it would be harder on a track, though. Maybe I'll try to go to the track for my next interval workout...

When I got done, I stretched really good and did a bunch of crunches, planks and 2 sets of 10 pushups (on my toes).

At the end of my workout Bohemian Rhapsody came on and I thought, "I will never get sick of this song." In fact, I clicked my ipod back a few songs so it will be sure to come on for my next run. (I'm so excited!) Then, tonight, after dinner Mindy asked Pete to turn some music on, and guess what song he picked!? I hadn't even said anything to him about it either. Sometimes we are so on the same wavelength, it's scary! We all danced to that song like maniacs, and had so much fun! No, I won't be getting sick of it anytime soon. That song so totally rocks! :)

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  1. your running is out of control!!! brill to see how it's progressing, it makes me want to run instantly