Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Running Shoes - ECCO Bioms

Yesterday I went to Salt Lake Running Company with the intention of just getting some Newtons because Newton's website have them listed as a carrier. When I asked the saleslady if they had them she said they only have them in stock during the busy season which begins in March. I thought about just leaving, but then decided to talk to her a little more and see what other shoes they had that would, like Newtons, help me learn to be a forefoot runner. They did have the Vibrum Five Fingers, and she showed me some racing flats that have a smaller heel, but I was still feeling really iffy about it all. Then she showed me the ECCO Biom B. These shoes are made to let your foot run naturally, almost like berefoot running. They are trying to achieve the same things as Newton, I think, but in a different way. I actually like this shoe better because it doesn't have that weird projection on the bottom that makes them hard to walk in, and they're actually really comfortable.

She then told me that this shoe will last for around 1200 miles instead of the usual 300. Wow. That got my attention. I hate buying shoes every 6 months. If that is true, it would kind of justify the price of $220. Yep, you heard that right, $220. Yikes! That is the highest priced running shoe on the market. I sure hope it's worth it.

I tried them on and ran on their treadmill for a few minutes. She said I have a really neutral gait, which is kind of necessary when buying these shoes because they have no support for pronation. After debating for a while, we finally decided to get them. They felt good for the few minutes running I did in them, and if they can help me run more mid/forefoot that would be awesome, especially if they last 2-3 times longer than a normal running shoe.

Like the Newtons, though, I'm going to have to really gradually work my way into running in these. I'm really nervous about this since my current shoes have already got about 300 miles on them. Plus, I'm going to start upping my milage this week. They've got a little training plan right inside the box to help you ease into these shoes. It starts off with having you wear them half of every day for normal use whenever you can, and running 20 minutes 3 times a week.

They also came with some extra insoles.

I've been reading a bunch of reviews (now that I have the shoe...kind of backwards!) and there have been both good and bad so, like I said, I'm really nervous about this whole thing! I hope it ends up helping me instead of hurting me. My hip is still really sore from yesterday and that makes me even more nervous. Is it worse because of testing these shoes out? Or is it so sore because of snowboarding? I just don't know.

Here I am wearing them for "normal use." Don't I just look stylish?! I put them on when we got home from church, and will probably wear them the rest of the day. My first 20-minute run in them will be tomorrow so I'll let you know how that goes!


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  2. My husband is into skating. I haven't ever really tried it, but I'd love to try your shoes. :)

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  4. I loved this shoe from the moment I put it on however, I have had them for 6 months and they have a very pungent "new plastic smell".
    Anyone else had this problem? Any solution?

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  6. Gaahhh! I wanna snatch all of 'em! :D They look glamorous!