Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pool Doctor

This morning I decided to sleep in and go to the Holliday-Lions pool and just pay for childcare1. Yep, that's right, I'm supposed to pay for the daycare there! I found out last time that my Gold Membership does not cover the childcare. At least not there. I didn't have money last time so they said I could pay for it next time. I went in today planning on paying for the 9 or so hours I've used so far, but when I told her about it she said not to worry about it. I bought a $15 punch pass for 14 hours so that's actually not bad at all! I like this sleeping in and going to the pool when I'm good and ready!

The pool is pretty crowded at that time, bit I still ended up having my own lane for most of the time which was so luxurious!

I did my warm up:

200 kickboard
200 swim
200 pull
200 swim

Then I did 2 sets of 5 x 100 every 2:00, still trying to get them all in under 1:50, but I couldn't:


I made sure to rest for a good 5 minutes before my next set:

1: .... Bla bla bla, I am wracking my brain and can not remember the other times after the 1:40! I was even trying to go slow on that one too! The rest were all in the 1:50-1:56 range though. I'm pretty sure the last one was like 1:51.

I rested for a for a few minutes (since I was leaning on the deck, gasping for breath at the end) and did one slow lap, then I decided to do just one more 100 to see how fast I could do it:


I was hoping it would be faster than the one in my set of 5, but 1:40 is pretty good! :)

I did one more 100 to cool down.

Total distance: 2150 meter

When I got done with my workout, the older man in the next lane asked me if I was training for something, and told me I looked like I was working hard. We got to chatting and he told me all about how people who run barefoot are less likely to get injured. When I told him about getting a stress fracture running the St. George Marathon he told me he was a retired gynocologist and said that stress fractures are a sign of ostioporosis (ahhh!!) and that if I started taking more estrogen (birth control) that would help with that, and that I should also be taking calcium and vitamin D. So I'm going to go pick up some supliments and talk to a doctor (who's not retired and attje pool!) about the birth control and stuff. It's amazing the people you can meet at the pool! :)

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