Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rainy Day Second Thoughts

Yesterday I did the same swim workout as Friday, and it felt really good. The lady I shared my lane with was really nice and she was impressed by how long and hard I had been swimming. She made me feel really good, but she didn't know that I'm slower than most the people in my age group. Oh well, it's nice to feel like a real athlete sometimes. :)

Total distance: 3800m
Total time: 1:15

I wore my Bioms for the second part of the day, and by the end my feet were kind of hurting and my calves were a little sore. I did run a tiny bit from place to place with the kids, but I'm kind of glad they work my calves even on non-running days. Maybe I'll get used to them sooner than later! Or maybe my legs will just be more sore.

Today I woke up with a sore throat and with my hip still hurting. It feels better than Saturday, and swimming had helped it feel better, but I don't really want to run on it again until it's all better. I just want to be starting more from scratch to see where those shoes make me sore.

I really hope my throat doesn't get worse for tomorrow though.

I hate unscheduled days off, and it seems like I've been having them a lot lately. Right now I'm feeling really torn about my new shoes. One side of me just wants to go out and run in my old shoes how I'm used to running so I can feel comfortable and have fun, but the other side of me wants to be smart and patient with my running and change it so I don't ruin my knees or anything. It's really hard to want to change my style when I was just fine all last year and did my Ironman without any problems. But then I remeber how miserable the St. George Matathon was. I just love my Pearl Izumis so much, I feel a little sad today.

Hopefully my run will go really well tomorrow and I can feel good about all this again.

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