Thursday, February 25, 2010

Run #2 with Bioms

Today I had to take Pete in to Riverton and this time I followed my instincts and found the gym I had tried to get to the other day. Today it was even better because the childcare was open until 11:15 so I actually had time to do my run. Just barely.

My hip was not feeling 100% better, but I thought it felt pretty good, and I was feeling kind of depressed and I knew that a run would make me feel better. I decided to try running with my old shoes first, then the Bioms at the end this time. At first, my hip started hurting kind of bad, and I thought I would try to make it 10 minutes to see if it would feel better after I warmed up. It actually did start feeling better, and by the time I was half done, I hardly even noticed the pain unless I thought about it too much.

After 40 minutes, I changed my shoes and did the last 20 in the Bioms. I didn't really feel much pain in my hips with them on, but that could just be a coincidence because it was feeling better already. I was able to run pretty good with them, but it was slower than my other shoes.

When I stopped running, my hip immediately started hurting again. I made sure to stretch really good at the gym, and again when I got home. Then I made myself an ice bath. My first one. I've never felt the need to do an ice bath before, but I'm getting really sick of this hip hurting so I'm willing to try anything. It. Was. So. Cold. I had a really hard time keeping my feet in at first, and I eventually propped them up on the bowl I had used to bring the ice in. I mostly wanted to keep my hip, calves and knees in so I was ok with this.

See the little pieces of ice floating around? They were mostly melted by this time.

After I sat in it for about 10 minutes, I felt fine. It reminded me of tubing down the Provo River. That river is COLD! It made me think that it would be cool to take a dip in the river after one of our long runs leading up to the Marathon. It will still be really cold that early in the summer though.

I sat in the ice bath for 15 minutes and I didn't really feel much pain when I got out, but this evening it is really hurting again so I don't know how much help the sitting in cold tub was. Maybe if I would have done it Saturday after my run when it first started hurting it would have worked better. I might have to skip my "long" run on Saturday. I really need to let this get better. Luckily my long run isn't really long yet. I don't think I'll have too much trouble catching back up on a 6-mile long run. I'd rather skip it and feel really good next week.

On a lighter note, Stacy from Three Winks Photography put the pictures she took of me December 31 up on her blog today! Check them out. I met her on Twitter and it was a lot of fun to go out and play around in the snow with her. She's a cool girl and a great photographer. The dress I'm wearing in these pictures was given to me by my Grandma. It is her old dress, and the scarf was hers and (I think) her mother's too so it was really special for me to go be photographed in it. And, yes, I am wearing an off-white shirt under it. And boots. :)


  1. OK, keep me updated. I'm on my way to buy Newtons in the next few weeks, but am interested in your experience here.

  2. I'll do my best! I keep wondering myself if I should have gotten Newtons, but we'll see. Hopefully thaws will be awesome!

  3. That ice bath looks painfully cold. Brrrrr . . .