Saturday, February 20, 2010

Swimming, Snowboarding, and a new PR


Yesterday I took a new workout that I found online to the pool with me. It's a workout that a world class swimmer does a couple times a week, and it totals 4,500 meters so I decided to scale it down a bit. I'll put his whole workout here, but what I did in bold:

500 swim 250 swim
200 kick
300 pull
(breathe once every five strokes)

I'm not used to such a long warmup, and I usually do the kickboard first and my arms were starting to ache pretty quick so I cut it in half then stretched. My arms felt fine after that, and I did the rest of the warmup. I also thought it would be hard to breathe every five strokes since I'm used to breathing every 3, but I did it.

Set 1
10x100 @ 1:30, freestyle/backstroke by 50
I did 6x100:
  1. 1:40
  2. 1:46
  3. 1:46
  4. 1:46
  5. 1:49
  6. 1:46
I guess 1:46 was my number today! Considering how weird it was to breath every 5 strokes during the warm-up, it sure stuck with me, and I ended up doing that for most of the time. It seemed to make the whole length go faster, only breathing 4 times! It also made it so I could focus on my form a little better. I think I'll keep doing it.

Set 2
4x400 @ 15 seconds rest, descending: I did 4x200
No. 1 @ 70 percent effort 4:12
No. 2 @ 80 percent effort 4:05
No. 3 @ 90 percent effort 4:00
No. 4 @ 95 percent effort 3:47

Set 3
300 easy pull

Set 4
4x50 @ :40, sprint it took me :50

400 easy swim 200 alternating back and easy

I usually only do like 150 for cool-down, but I was going to do the whole thing except when I got half-way through it they took one of the three lanes out to make way for water aerobics which pushed two more people into the lane next to me that already had 2 people, and the lady there was looking worried. I just told her I was done so she could come over to my lane where there were just 2 of us.

Total Distance: 3800 meters
Total Time: about 1:15 (I forgot to check my watch when I got out, but it was at 1:30 when I looked at it after I was dressed)

My goal is to be doing the whole workout by St. George Tri.


In the afternoon, our baby-sitter came over and Pete and I drove up to Brighton. It was snowing, and there were WAY more people there this time! I remembered to take a few pictures before it got dark this time!

My pants are a little big...

I did so much better this time! I wouldn't have fallen down nearly as much, but I decided to try to learn how to ride my front edge which is really scary and hard. I fell down pretty much every time I tried it. I feel pretty comfortable snow plowing and riding my back edge, but that makes it hard to get going very fast and I ended up unclipping and walking past a few of the flat parts when we did the blue square again. It was still way easier than last time, and it was really fun! We only did 5 runs (I think). We did 3 of the green circle, then back to the car for some food because I was getting awry. When we went back up, there were just masses of people waiting to get on the lift, and since the lift for the blue square run was moving faster and it's a longer run, we decided to try that again. After that, we went on the bunny slope to practice riding the front edge. Pete's really good at it, and the kids say it's easier for them to do it that way. I think I'm kind of starting to get it, but I'm still no good. Then it was time to go home and go to bed. I love snowboarding at night, it's so sureal! It was so pretty being up there when it was snowing too! I can't wait to go again.

10k PR!

This morning I was supposed to do the Strider's 10k, but I never was able to register for it online, and I decided I'd rather not wake up early and drive to Ogden to do a run I could do myself. Plus, if I went I probably wouldn't have been back in time for Pete to go to Krav.

So, I did my own 10k, and I did the same route I did January 2nd that took me 58:05 (and I actually only did 6.1 that day).

Guess how long it took me today!


Wow hu?! I was so happy! Not only is that 3 minutes faster than last time, it's 7 minutes faster than my last tri!

It was pretty hard, and I kept reminding myself to act like it was a race and I think that helped. Towards the end my hip was starting to hurt. I think that's from snowboarding, but I don't know. My shoulder was a little sore for the first few miles, but then it was ok. Other than that I'm not really sore from last night so that's pretty cool.

Total Distance: 6.2 miles (10k)
Total Time: 55:14

(I just wanted to say that time again.)

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