Friday, February 12, 2010

Run, bike, swim, board!

Hey everyone! It's been a while! I haven't really had any computer time this week, I'm actually typing this on my iPhone. This works, but it's slower so I'll try to be quick.

My last post was pretty dramatic wasn't it? Saying I didn't feel like I'd ever be able to run again! Well, I went running the next morning! For some reason, I didn't put my compression socks on right when my legs started hurting. I wish I would have because when I finally remembered to put them on, they made my legs feel sooo much better! I pretty much wore them for the next 3 days, and when I'd take them off I would just be like, "ah, I hate this!" so yeah, these were my favorite things for the last few days!

I even wore them on my run. I went to the gym and ran for an hour on the treadmill. I started off walking for 5 minutes, then running nice and slow at like 5mph. For the first mile or so my legs felt pretty tired and I was thinking I might just do 30 minutes instead, but once I was warmed up I felt so much better! My legs didn't even hurt at all while I was running! It was amazing! I turned my speed up every 10 minutes, topping out at 7.5 just for a few minutes, then back down to 7 until I hit 45 minutes, then I slowed it down and walked again for the last 5 minutes. I did a total of 5.3 miles, so it was pretty slow, but It was a really good run, and probably the best thing to do for my sore calves! Once I started walking again, they started hurting again, but not as bad. I stretched really good before going home where I also did crunches, planks, push-ups and a few pull-ups. Elle did more than me, she did 5!

The next day I just did an hour on my trainer after the kids went to bed. I also went to the doctor about whether or not I needed birth control for my bones and she said I should get a bone density scan first. The best thing abou the day, though, was that I got my snowboard and gear in the mail! It's such a pretty board, I love it! I have the best husband ever (he ordered them for me and picked everything out) and I think this is way better than real roses for valentines day!

Yesterday I should have gotten up early to get my run in because my legs were feeling really good and I was excited to run, but ended up not having time. I took the kids to school, then Pete to work, then got ready to go to my bone density scan. On the way there Elle started really crying and complaining about her ear hurting so I was worried I'd be going to another doctor. Luckily the doctor who did my scan gave her some gum and that kept her happy while we were there. My scan went really well and my bones are nice and strong! Now I don't have to worry that I got a stress fracture because of osteoporosis! I should be fine if I get all my miles in for the marathon, and if I can stop heel striking so much, that should help too. It was quite a relief, but Elle was in a lot of pain by the time we got home so I got her some ibuprofen and some ice and put her in bed. In no time at all, she had calmed down and gone to sleep. I sat and read while she slept, totally planning to take her to the doctor when she woke up. She slept for like 2 hours, and when she finally woke up she was so happy and cute! I told her to tell me as soon as her ear started hurting again, but it never did and she's been fine ever since. That was a little weird, but I'm relieved she's better!

In the afternoon we had to go to a presentation by Mindy's class, and that lasted until almost time to get the kids to bed. I guess I could have gone to the gym after they went to sleep, but watching The Office and 30 Rock with Pete was so much more enticing! I kind of felt like it was a wasted day, especially because I felt to good, but I went to bed early so i'd have no excuse not to get up and swim in the morning.

Today I did get up nice and early, and got to the pool by 6:00! It was so fun driving on the freeway at that time when it's so empty!

Since I got there so early, I had time for a longer workout! I did my usual 800m warmup, then did 2 x 1000m as fast as I could.

I did my first one in just around 20:00. It's hard to know the exact number because I forgot my watch.

The second one I did in 20:10. I felt like I was working pretty hard to get that time, but I'd like to do it faster. Maybe next week!

This afternnon, my dad is coming to get the kids and Pete's going to take me up for my first time snowboarding (for reals) so watch for my report on that hopefully tomorrow!

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