Monday, February 22, 2010

Run #1 with Bioms

This morning I ended up having to take Pete to work half an hour away. We tried to get out quick, and I decided to go to the gym that's pretty close to his work that I've been to before. The child care is really awesome there and I had promised Elle that we could go again sometime because she really liked it, but they do close at 10:15 on Mondays so I really had to hurry or I wouldn't have time to do my run.

I couldn't remember exactly where it was so I looked it up on google maps. The location it gave me didn't seem to match the address, but I followed it anyway, and it brought me to the middle of a neighborhood. Totally the wrong place. I didn't really have enough time to go back and find the real location so I just hurried back to our usual gym where the daycare is open until 11. We got there at at 10 so I just barely had time to do my run and stretch before I had to get Elle. I was sad that I didn't get to do the strength training workout I had planned, but I'm so glad I was able to get in at all!

I decided I'd do my 20 minutes with the Bioms first then see how I feel about finishing the 4 miles. I was pretty surprised with how good I felt for those 20 minutes. I could definitely feel it a little more in my calves, but it wasn't anything telling me I needed to stop. I felt like I was just really more aware of my feet. I guess just more aware of the mechanics of my feet instead of just two flat things pounding on the ground. I paid more attention to how I was landing and everything. I feel like if I did land on my heels, it would hurt and I would know it in those shoes. When I got to the end of the 20 minutes, my calves actually didn't hurt any more than usual, but I was good and changed my shoes before finishing.

Total Distance: 4 miles
Total Time: 41:56
Total Uphill Time: 4 minutes

The thing that was really hurting was my hip/butt which is still sore from Saturday and it hurt just as much in my regular shoes so I don't really think it was from the shoes. It didn't hurt enough to make me feel like I shouldn't run on it or anything though.

When I got home, my lower back started hurting too. It kind of feels like it's connected to the hip pain, but I don't know. I hope it all feels better before my next run on Wednesday so it can feel more like a fresh start with the new shoes. I am excited about how well it went today, and how good my calves feel. They feel totally normal. Maybe that means I'm still heel striking, or maybe since I've run in Pete's Newtons 3 times it made it easier for me.

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