Monday, February 8, 2010

Swimming Breakthrough!

During the night Ethan came into my room because he had a nightmare, and when I got up to take him back to bed, my legs were so stiff I could hardly even move. I did manage to get him to his room, though and get back to bed. It was no better when morning rolled around, though. I could not believe how tight my calf muscles. I iced them while I had breakfast. That and walking around the house, loosened them up a little bit, but they were still really sore. I was hobbling around trying to get the kids to school.

I was scheduled for a 60 minute tempo run and decided to switch that with my swim scheduled for tomorrow. Though, right now I don't feel like I'll ever be able to run again, let alone a 60 minute tempo run. What have I done to myself?!

Anyway, so I headed to the pool and dropped Elle off in the childcare. I love having a pool I can go to with a drop-in childcare, by the way. So much nicer than getting up early and rushing back. I was really excited to swim today, and also hoping it would loosen up my legs a little.

I did my usual warmup:

200 kick
200 swim
200 pull buoy
200 swim (I timed this one just for fun and it was 4:08)

I had a good rest for a few minutes before starting my first set, and I'm still doing them every 2 minutes (so when I do the 100 in 1:40 I get a 20 second rest with is NICE). The first 100 I was feeling so good, and I told myself it was too fast, but then I thought, "But I like this speed! I'm going to try to keep it up." I did the first lap in 1:40, but I've done that before so I thought I would get slower, but I was just amazed by how powerful I felt! I was just pulling that water like it was no body's business! I made every stroke like my life was depending on it, and I was just gliding through the water. It felt AWESEOME! I don't know why I was able to keep it up for the whole 5 sets. Maybe because I practically had 2 rest days in a row (as far as my arms are concerned). I felt like I kind of had a breakthrough, just by the way I felt in the water. Is it a breakthrough if you don't know what you did differently, though?

  1. 1:40
  2. 1:43
  3. 1:43
  4. 1:45
  5. 1:46

I rested for 7 minutes before starting into my second set. When I started again, the nice cool water felt so good on my face! I told myself I would just do the same thing, but I could tell right away it wasn't working. I didn't feel the same magic I felt the first time. This time my times were about what I'm used to:

  1. 1:40
  2. 1:49
  3. 1:53
  4. 1:55
  5. 1:51

Oh well, at least I did the first one fast.

I did another 150 to cool down, switching between backstroke and a nice slow crawl.

total distance: 1950
total time: 57:19

I got out of the hot tub and hobbled over to the hot tub thinking it would help my legs. There was a sign that said to limit hot tub time to 10 minutes, so I looked on the clock and planned to stay for 10 minutes. That didn't seem like very long, but after 5 minute, even though one of the old men in there was telling the other old man about getting held up at knife point in Tijuana, I was done.

I got a drink from the drinking fountain because I felt really hot, then got in the shower. About half-way through the shower, I found myself leaning against the wall and fighting the urge to sit on the shower floor (because that's just gross). I couldn't resist it for long, though, and ended up on the floor for a few minutes. That made me feel better until I got back up and I was leaning against the wall again, trying to finish my shower. I turned the temperature all the way down, trying to cool it off, and it just stayed warm. The one time I want my shower at the gym to be cold, it stays warm! I ended up kneeling down one more time, then I just hurried and got out. In fact, there might still be conditioner in my hair. I didn't care, I just needed to sit down. I sat on the little bench in the locker room and put my head down. The lady in the next isle asked me if I was ok and I told her I would probably be ok once I cooled down, and I was. After a few minutes, I was able to get up and finish getting ready.

I gave my calves a massage while putting lotion on, and it was hard because they were so tight! In the end, after all that, my calves were still really sore, but at least I was able to walk out of the dressing room normally, which is about the best I could ask for. I don't know if it was worth almost passing out over, but I was glad to be able to walk normal.

I downed the mix1 and the Mrs. Mays nut bar, and felt fine for the drive home, but I did lay down for a little while when I got here and I've been really tired all day.

At the end of the day, my legs are still really sore, and it's making me quite grouchy. I feel like such a baby too. Getting all lightheaded from 5 minutes in the hot tub (maybe my hard workout had something to do with it too...) and complaining about my legs hurting all day because I ran 2 miles 2 days ago! I really do hope they feel better soon so I can get back to running. Like I said, I don't feel like I'll ever be able to run again right now. It will get better, though. It will get better. I'll just keep telling myself that, and go to bed.

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