Monday, February 14, 2011

Let The Journey Begin!

One of my kids took this picture. Aren't they awesome!?

Today was the first official run training for Utah Valley Half Marathon! That's right, I am now officially switched over from the full to the half, and I feel really good about that. I might have been able to pull the full marathon off, but just thinking about trying to get all those miles in when I can barely get away from my baby for an hour was pretty stressful.

It was a nice warm day so I was looking forward to going running all day, but didn't get out until late afternoon when (I thought) George was down for his long nap. I was able to wear short sleeves and capris! So nice. It was quite windy, though. The cold weather is blowing back in.

I just needed to run for 25 minutes. Since I was just going for time, and planning on taking it really easy, I didn't wear the Garmin to stress me out about distance and speed and all that. I did wear my heart rate monitor, though, and it didn't take long for my heart to start pounding and my calves to start burning. I tried to run nice and slow, but my heart rate was much higher than it used to be at that pace. It was in the high 160s pretty much the whole time, and 170 by the end. My heart and my legs were like, "Wait a minute, I thought we weren't doing this any more!"

The good thing was that I felt really good mentally. I was a little worried that I just wouldn't want to start training again after such a long break, but I felt good and had fun being out there! At one point on the bike path, I ran under a hawk that was sitting on a branch about 10 feet above me. I said hello to him, and he stood there looking warily at me. That was cool.

When my 25 minutes were up, I really didn't want to stop. I actually ran for 26:45 because I had to at least finish out my song. My calves were really burning so I stopped and stretched really good before I went in.

I walk in the house and hear George crying and Pete say, "Thank goodness!" I guess he had woken up pretty soon after I left, and he really wanted to eat. Pete was doing his best, but there's not much you can do for a hungry baby when you don't have the milk!

I fed George for like the millionth time today and downed my big hospital mug full of ice water. Then I stretched some more and did the foam roller on my calves. Ouch. I can't believe how sore they were! I have to remind myself that I'm pretty much starting over from scratch. I mean, I haven't ran at all for 3 1/2 months, and before that it was just 1-2 miles if I did feel good enough to get out. I should expect it to be hard and to be sore after what used to be a super easy run.

It's also kind of satisfying to start over like this. I've been at a place where I couldn't run 2 miles before. I've been at a place where I couldn't even run one mile, but it didn't have to stay that way, and it won't this time. I will get back up to the big miles again soon enough, and I'm really excited about the whole journey!

My next run is on Wednesday for 30 minutes. I hope my calves are feeling up to it. I took a hot bath, gave them a little massage, put my compression socks on, and Pete's telling me to do the roller again. A bit much for a 2+ mile run? I don't think so. I need to get as much bang for my recovery buck as I can so I can keep going.

Oh, and after today (since it is Valentine's Day and I had to make heart-shaped brownies (with spinach) since Elle suggested it, and I had to make some sinfully delicious frosting to go on top), I'm going to break up with sugar until St. Patrick's Day. I know St. Patrick's Day isn't really a big sweets day, but it's also my niece's 3rd birthday, and I'm hoping to be invited to a party (hint hint). So, don't let me forget - no sugar! I need to get back on eating clean.


  1. Yeah! Welcome back to training!

  2. Hi Colleen,

    Came across your blog a few weeks ago and I'm enjoying reading it! Good to see you're back running. I can sympathise with your calves! Foam roller doesn't do it for mine anymore, it's not hard enough - so I use a rolling pin now instead which is a bit hard core but it really works! That and the battle with compression socks... Anyway, hope the snow doesn't keep you out of action and good luck with the training. Rhona