Thursday, February 17, 2011

Run #2 and Our 1-month-old

Don't you just love the high calaber of photos I've been posting lately. This is one Elle took of me strugeling to get my compressions socks on. Ah, good times.

Great news! My calves were feeling so much better the next day! I guess all those precautions I took were worth it.

Yesterday it was crazy windy! Like 65mph-winds-bringing-in-a-snow-storm windy! But, the storm didn't hit until the evening, and the temperature was in the 50s during the day. I was also lucky enough to get out on my run at 7:30am before the crazy wind arrived. It was still pretty windy, and I had one guy ask me if I was cold since I was just wearing short sleeves and capris again, but it really wasn't bad. It was actually quite perfect.

I ran about the same path as my last run, and I felt so great! My calves didn't burn the whole time like they did last time. In fact, they didn't really hurt at all. I didn't bring my heart rate monitor so I don't know about my heart, but it was probably about the same. I had to keep reminding myself to take it slow, but I did let myself go hard for the last 3 minutes or so which was really fun! I didn't really wan to stop when I hit 30 minutes, but that last hard push made it a little easier. I had to take the kids to school as soon as I got home, and I was still breathing hard when I got back. I didn't realize it until Pete asked me if I had gone back out and ran some more.

In Other News

Yesterday was Georges 1 month day! He was so excited about it, he stayed awake pretty much the whole day (except for a nap here and there) to celebrate until 11pm! I was exhausted by then! But, then he slept good during the night, and most of today so I forgive him. Of course I forgive him, look at what a sweetie he is!

He’s getting to be quite the inquisitive thing, always looking around trying to see what there is to see, so it’s very fitting if you want to call him Curious George. He does get Georgie Porgie more, though, and of course there’s the occasional G-Max too.

He’s started smiling a bunch. We all get really excited whenever he smiles at us. So cute! He’s kind of smiling in this picture, but he does better ones. It’s just hard to catch, and he won’t do it on cue.

He's such a good baby, always goes back to sleep at night right after getting fed and changed. If he doesn't go right back to sleep, he'll just smile and lay in his crib quietly. Plus, he's started sleeping for 4 hour stretches during the night (and during the day sometimes) so that's really nice!

But, he's waking up now so it's feeding time! Again. Goodnight all!

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