Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Touch, The Feel of Cotton

Today George is 3 weeks old and he's getting so big already! Note how his newborn onsie can't even snap. Of course it doesn't help that he has such a big diaper on either.

I've started using cloth diapers with this baby. I hadn't done it before with my other kids pretty much because I never really considered it a valid option. I never even thought about it. Everyone gives you disposable diapers at your baby shower, you see all the diaper commercials and the baby isle in the store is filled to the brim with disposable diapers. Who uses cloth diapers anymore anyway? Well, two of my friends who recently had babies started using cloth diapers, and you can read about how much they like it on their blogs here and here, and they inspired me.

Now I hate to even imagine how much space in a landfill I've used up with 3 kids worth of diapers. They say each baby goes through about a TON of disposable diapers in their lifetime. (I actually can't remember where I read that, so that might not be the right amount, but google "cloth vs. disposable diapers" and you can get all sorts of statistics about it) So, yeah, that's 3 tons for our family. Gross. Plus, I hate it when I see old, disgusting used diapers on the side of the road because for some reason this always happens. I don't know how. Do they fall out of the garbage truck or are people just throwing them out their car windows as they haphazardly change their babies while they're driving?

Anyway, suffice it to say that I am pretty grossed out by disposable diapers now and I feel so good that out of the 250 or so times I've changed George so far in his short lifespan, only a handful of those diapers have ended up in the garbage (mostly because I used the ones they gave me while I was in the hospital). I don't feel like I'm waisting anything when I change him either. That just makes me feel good. It also makes me feel good to be putting cloth, and not garbage (what are those diapers made out of anyway?) on my baby. No offense to anyone who is using disposable diapers. Like I said, that's what I did for 3 babies without a second thought.

I weighed myself again today, and I'm back up to 149.2, but I did weigh myself at a different time of day. It probably didn't help that I ate 3 cookies after our nephew's blessing today either. But they were delicious! Here's our not-so-little family at said baby blessing:

And, just because I know you can't get enough of my kids (oh, wait, that's me!), here's Elle with her beloved little brother yesterday.


  1. I cloth diapered (and still do, since little man isn't dry at night yet). Never would have thought I would use cloth, but my mom got me a gift certificate for a service for my shower, and I liked it so much that when the service was up, I bought my own. Love the environmental savings, and I actually hate using disposables now when we travel! :-)

  2. He is adorable, and remember that it takes time for baby weight to drop off...don't put so much pressure on yourself!!

  3. Hooray for cloth! What kind do you have/like so far?

  4. George is super cute! and getting so big for sure!

    Hey that is great!!! Johanna is doing the cloth diapers! She is quite obsessed with them too! She makes and improves them all the time. Here process and everything makes me think it's "easier" than the icky disposable ones. Are you sewing your own or where did you find them? She has made me so interested that I tell all my prego friends about it... It's like I'm a cloth diaper sales

    Please do tell though! Here is my email