Monday, February 21, 2011

Where's The Winter Love?

The last few days we finally got some snow! Just a little bit. This winter has been seriously pathetic here in the state with "the greatest snow on earth." States in the midwest and east coast are getting buried, and unable to clear all the snow they're getting. What the heck? We can handle the snow, and we want it! Send it our way!

Actually, I know not everyone wants the snow here. I think it's so funny how many people are surprised when it snows (in February) and get all mad saying they want spring. Surely all these people who complain didn't just move here. I mean, this is Northern Utah. When has February ever been spring? We get snow until April or even May every year, and yet people are always surprised. It's just funny, that's all I'm saying.

I used to be one of the people who hated snow. I admit it. But then, last year, Pete decided that we were going to take up snowboarding so we'd have something to look forward to in the winter. I was reluctant. I've lived in Utah my whole life, and I'd never been skiing or snowboarding. For some reason I was always just scared to try it and never really had the chance.

Things were about to change. Pete bought me a beautiful board and some snow clothes, and took me up to Brighton. My first time snowboarding was almost exactly a year ago. It was kind of our Valentine's Day thing, and guess what, I loved it! I wasn't sure taking up snowboarding would really make me like the snow and enjoy winter, but it really did!

I'm not even snowboarding this year, and I'm still mad about the lack of snow we've gotten. I hate it when it rains in the winter. It just makes everything muddy and brown and gray. Don't get me wrong, I love rain in the spring when it makes everything all green and pretty, but in the winter it should snow, dang it!

I can't wait for next year. Next year the snowboarding is going to be epic! (I can go snowboarding while training for an Ironman right?)

We spent today in Heber where there is real snow. They don't have a ton (the above picture is from a few years ago), but at least they have more than the sprinkling we have in the city, and the kids could actually make snow forts. I love living in a state that has seasons. They're all beautiful, especially when the winter is actually white. :)

If you are one of the people who live where it's snowy and hate the snow, I highly recommend taking up some kind of winter sport. Here are a few suggestions:
  1. Snowboarding (obviously my personal favorite)
  2. Downhill skiing
  3. Telemark skiing
  4. Cross-country skiing
  5. Backcountry skiing
  6. Tubing/sledding
  7. Snowmobiling
  8. Snowshoeing (I hear this is awesome)
  9. Kiteboarding
  10. Ice/mixed climbing
  11. Ice fishing
  12. Ice skating
  13. Ice hockey
  14. Snow sculpting
  15. Snow angel making
  16. Snow tunnel digging
  17. Snow fort building
  18. Ice castle creating
  19. Snowball throwing/dodging
  20. Sleigh riding
  21. Hiking/antler hunting (that's what my dad does)
Wow! Look at all that fun stuff (some a little more extreme than others) that can only be done in the winter! What one's your favorite? Am I missing anything?

Now lets go enjoy the snow while it lasts!

PS - none of these pictures are from today, I just dug them out of the last few years photo history.

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