Saturday, February 26, 2011

So Much For BAM

(I spelled trainermomma wrong in my last post so I apologize for that. It's fixed now. Thank you to whoever pointed that out to me. Let me remind you that I was super tired that night, though. But then George slept for 6 hours strait so I felt much better in the morning!)

Right now I'm sitting here, sipping hot chocolate while white fluffy flakes fall from the sky.

Yes, I'm very happy. :)

And, yes, this hot chocolate does have sugar in it. I've failed pretty big time on the no sugar until March 17 thing, but it was a lovely dream.

The crazy thing is that I did it before, why can't I do it again?

I think last time I was better about throwing away all the sugary stuff before we started. I didn't do that this time, and when there are white chocolate chips sitting there just asking to be eaten, what can I do? I have been pretty good, though. It's not like I'm eating a ton of sugar, but it's definitely not gone from my diet completely either.

Life goes on.

What About BAM?

The other day I found out that BAM Triathlon has been canceled. I was so so sad to hear that. This was going to be my next tri, and it was one of my favorite ones that I've done, and I missed it last year so I was really excited for it!

I went to the gym yesterday morning and the lady at the front desk said, "Hey, that's a BAM shirt under there!" Sure enough, I had worn my BAM shirt without even thinking about it. I was probably subconsciously thinking about it, actually. Anyway, she asked if I knew about it being canceled, so I talked to her for a minute about how sad it was that it was canceled. She said that it was because the venue (Soldier Hollow) was just too expensive and bussing everyone from T2 to the start was too expensive so they weren't really making any money with it. Such a shame. I wonder if anyone else will put together a tri in that area - maybe just not at Soldier Hollow where it can be a little cheaper. I don't know. I'd love that, though.

On the bright side, the bike course for BAM goes right by my dad's house so I'm sure I'll be riding that course several times this summer anyway, and I'll get to enjoy the beauty of the valley without having to do a race.

Back to me going to the gym.

You're probably wondering why I haven't posted about running for a while. Well, I was feeling guilty about starting running before my 6 weeks were up, so I decided to wait a little longer. I couldn't wait anymore, though, I just feel like something's missing when I don't have a workout in the morning.

I ran on the indoor track and told myself to go nice and slow, and not to worry if that big guy passed me. Well, he did pass me, but when I saw the muscle definition in his calves and that he wasn't really that big, I didn't feel so bad. That is until the 3rd time he lapped me and Monkey Wrench had just come on my ipod. I decided to see if I could keep up with him, and I did! For 3 laps. Then he stopped to walk and I whizzed by! I told myself to stop, get a drink, and recover, but no, Monkey Wrench was still on. I wanted to keep running fast while it was on, then I would take a break. I really probably shouldn't have done that, but it made me think again about how much nicer it is to run on the track than the treadmill because you have that dynamic. I did take it nice and slow for the rest of my run.

I ran for 36 minutes. I was going to do 35, then I remembered that my sister had done 36 the other day so I decided to do the same as her. I'm so glad she's excited about training again!

I walked for another 4 minutes, then stretched and did some crunches before I went home. I could have done that at home, but Pete says that George has a mommy sensor and will start crying as soon as I pull into the driveway. It's kind of stressful having to plan my workouts around feeding my child, which I think is the real reason why I hadn't gone running in over a week. We will adjust to it, it will just take some time.

I'd like to start getting my workouts done early in the morning before everyone gets up. That's my plan for next week, but we'll see how that goes. It seems impossible when the 5:30 feeding comes around and I'm so dead tired, I can hardly keep my eyes open and it seems like nothing could be better for me than going back to sleep. I think I'm starting to get used to our schedule, though, and George sleeping for 6 hours sure does help! I hope he does that again soon because he didn't do it again last night.


  1. My baby's 5 months old and I'm just starting to feel like I can handle all the normal day-to-day things without falling over exhausted by dinnertime. (And I've also been incredibly stressed trying to fit in normal errands around my baby's feedings.) I'm no athlete, but I just wanted to put that out there so you know how amazing it is that you are training already. I can only imagine how much willpower you have to get up and run when I know how tired you must feel! Way to go, supermomma!

  2. 36 minutes is better than no minutes. I can't imagine having to do what you are doing right now, but keep it up. George loves you and you're running. AWESOME!