Friday, February 11, 2011

More on Cloth Diapers

Because of the huge response to my post about cloth diapering (yes, I consider 4 comments a huge response... There were more on facebook too), I thought I'd do a little follow-up post.

I was surprised and excited to see how many of you also use cloth diapers! (Even my sister-in-law! I should have known that!) I think, perhaps, it is becoming a little more mainstream. Or it could be that the people I know are all just really cool and edgy like that. :)

Anyway, I had some people ask about what kinds I use so I decided I'd show you. George and I did a little photo shoot the other day just for you!

These are the ones we use the most. I also have green and blue, he just happened to be wearing the white ones at the time. They are the Thirsties Duo Wraps Diaper Cover with Unbleached Indian Infant Prefold Diapers. The cover is snapped up into the smallest size, but since then, I've moved them up to the middle size, and I love the snap closures because I don't have to worry about them wearing out. I got them in this package from which comes with 30 diapers and 4 covers. It's supposed to be enough to wash every 2 days, but I pretty much have to do a wash every day. Maybe a day and a half. I find them very handy, especially since the diapers double as burp cloths, and I love a good absorbent burp cloth! I only have to change the cover a couple times a day, and I haven't really had any problems with leaking yet. But maybe he's not old enough to really have leaks, I can't remember, I haven't had a baby for 4 years! I still think it's crazy that I have a baby again...

With all this extra laundry, I'm very lucky to have a sweet little helper who loves to fold the diapers for me.

As you can see, though, the diapers are all getting stained. Any tips on how to get the stain out? I'm still not sure what I can use on them.

I also have some Thirsties in the newborn size with velcro that my friend, Rachel, lent to me. George is starting to grow out of those already, though, and I don't use them too much because they are mostly in girl colors since Rachel had a little girl.

Rachel also lent me some newborn (xs) All-in-one diapers. They are the bumGenius brand, and they are super cute!

These are really easy, just like putting on a disposable diaper. They fit really well, and are a lot trimmer than the prefold with a cover.

George has pretty much grown out of these ones. I didn't use them very much because I didn't want to get them all stained because they were too cute, also I mostly have pretty pink and purple ones. :) These green ones are great for a little boy, though! They do take longer to dry, and that was a problem at the rate I'm going through diapers right now.

I had actually planned on getting All-In-Ones from the start, but my practical/thrifty side won out because they are quite expensive ($13 each), and I would have had to get at least 12 of them to get me though a day. Plus he would have grown out of them really quick, and I would have had to get bigger ones already.

Well, that's enough diaper talk. I'm staying up way to late again! I have been super tired lately and I've been getting a lot of headaches. I use to never get headaches! I think I'm just sleep deprived so I'm going to go to bed now.


  1. Cutest diapers!!! Love that you are going cloth diaper! You go girl!!

  2. It would be weird if your diapers didn't get a little stained! The sun is good for stains (if we ever see it) or you could go the bleach route. The all in ones are heavenly if you can keep them from smelling! Cute little guy in his cloth diapers!

  3. First of all, thanks for the reference! We are SO EXCITED that you are loving your diapers. Secondly, I second Molly on sunning your diapers. It really does work. Wash them, extra rinse & put them out in the sun wet. If you have super stubborn stains, you can also spray some lemon juice on them - the acid will break down the stain, but not the cloth. Hope that helps. He's a sweet one! I love to see pictures of babys wearing only their diapers!Thanks again.

  4. Yep, lay them out in the sun and they will bleach right out. You can occasionally bleach prefolds, but you don't want to do it very often. The diapering forums at ( the baby bargains boards ( are great resources. I've only ever done prefolds, they're just SO practical and economical! I did drool over the cute AIOs frequently, though. :-)