Thursday, June 25, 2009

Battle At Midway - Pictures

We are finally home! We spent all day driving yesterday, and got home at around 2 am. Luckily the kids slept until almost 10, and after breakfast I even went back to bed for a couple of hours! I feel like I'm getting sick or something. I told Pete I didn't know why I felt so tired, and he said that I'm still recovering. Man! 

My legs feel good though. Yesterday we walked all over an amusement park all day, and I was fine. I did get a little tired walking up the 100-something stairs to the huge, crazy watersides we went down - twice, but other than, I was fine. It was Pete's first experience with an amusement park other than Disneyland, and he was very pleasantly surprised how awesome real roller-coaster are. He went into it with an attitude that it would be dumb, but he ended up acting like a kid the whole day, it was so much fun! One of the coolest things about the park was that there were hardly any line! Some rides we just walked right up to and got on. It was awesome! Plus having the big water park right inside was fun too. Plus there were the roller-coasters. We went on this one called The Aftershock, and oh my gosh! Scariest thing I've ever done in my life! We went on it twice. So, if you're ever up in Northern Idaho/Washington, we would highly recommend Silverwood!

I checked my email this . . . uh, afternoon, when I got up, and saw that the pictures for BAM are up so I thought I'd post mine for you.

Here I am coming out of the water. I couldn't find a picture of me on the bike, but you already saw that anyway.

Look at the beautiful run we got to do!

Here I am coming in to the finish line with a pink lady closing in on me.

Here's where she passed me. At least it looks like she's working hard!

Watching her cross the finish line first.

I didn't care. I was so happy with being able to finish in my goal time on this hard course!

I also found out that I can go pick up my unclaimed award at Wasatch Running Center! So I might just have to make a trip down there today. An award! Can you imagine that? Wow!

(Pictures of CdA Ironman coming soon!)


  1. Congratulations for finishing the course and making your goal. I hope you post all about it...with enough detail so that someone with my limited knowledge about the Ironman will be able to fully understand it. I admire your strength but above all your willpower. Wonderful!

  2. Congratulations on finishing Ironman. Sorry I haven't left a comment before now, but I've been having trouble getting my computer to cooperate and I couldn't get your blog to pop up on my dashboard page.

  3. Great Colleen,

    i think you should blow these up and hang them in your home! you are awesome.