Friday, June 12, 2009

Packing for BAM

Today is a rest day for me, and I don't really feel like resting. But don't worry, I have been resting. Well, kind of. I did mow the lawn. And I did the dishes. And I did help Pete clean out the garage, where he practically cut his head open hitting it on some rusty nails. Good thing he's up-to-date on his tetanus shot! It looked like it hurt, though!

Now I just need to get all packed up to head to Heber tonight for Battle at Midway tomorrow. We have until 9:00 to pick up my packet so we probably won't leave until it's time for the kids to fall asleep in the car. Packet pickup is just 3.5 miles from my dad's house, but we will still have to go to the swim/bike transition area to drop off my  bike. Then we can just go back and get caught up on Big Bang Theory on my dad's DVR before bed.

In the morning, I just need to be at Soldier Hollow by like 7, so I can probably sleep until 6:30. How nice to be staying somewhere so close to the race! Of course, if things go as they usually do on race morning, I'll be sleeping in and rushing over there anyway. Let's hope not. :)

I'm trying not to be too nervous about this race. It's mostly just to get in an open water swim, and I know the bike ride like the back of my hand (but they're making us go up the hard hill heading up to The Homestead, and we don't even get to come down it!), and the run looks like it's going to be crazy fun. Or maybe just crazy, we'll see!

Wish me luck and stay tuned for the report on Sunday or Monday! (we won't have internet while we're up there)

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  1. Oh gosh its here!I started reading your blog when it was about 15 or 16 weeks to Ironman,I think.And now its here!
    All the best dear!
    Hope you do as well as you want to do and more!

    ♥ Chaitra