Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Working Out from Home

Ah, another day, another workout. Are you getting sick of hearing about all my workouts? I guess, if you have, you wouldn't be here now. Maybe I'm talking to myself here. . . 

Well, this morning, I was going to go out and ride before Pete went to work, but it was the kids first day of summer break so it was just too nice to sleep in and have a leisurely morning with pancakes and everything. By the time I was ready to go ride, I didn't have time before Pete had to be in for a meeting. I guess this was probably a good thing because it was a very structured intensity based workout and it was probably better to do it on the trainer anyway:
B: 90 minutes, ladder
10:00 RPE 3
15:00 RPE 5
40:00 RPE 7
15:00 RPE 5
10:00 RPE 3
It also rained off an on all day, probably not enough to keep me from riding, but enough to not feel too bad about riding on the trainer. It is such a workout to ride on the trainer too. I wanted to get my heart-rate up to the 160s for RPE 7, but I couldn't get it up any higher than 150, and even then I could only keep it there for the last 15 minutes or so of the 40.  It's weird too, because this was after my ipod quit working on me. After all this time, it turns out the music was holding me back! It could have just been a coincidence, though. 

Despite the lower heart-rate than I had planned, It was hard, and by the end I was soaking wet with sweat. That always makes you feel like you've worked hard, doesn't it? 

I stretched really good, then had to make lunch for the kids who had all played very well, without much complaining, while I rode. It was very nice. Then I wanted to get Elle down for her nap before I got into the shower, and this took longer than I would have liked. By the time I got around to the shower, I was pretty cold, being all wet still. The hot shower was so nice!

Once I was all clean, I went down and cleaned my bike off. It was looking pretty dingy, and I want it nice and shiny for my next race! 

Next time I ride my bike it will be in The Battle at Midway Triathlon in Midway, Utah on Saturday. I am so excited for this one! When we were living with my dad in Heber a few years ago, I saw a bunch of triathletes ride by my house on the way to church one Sunday. I was like, "What!?" I had to find out what this race was as soon as possible. 

The run and the finish line for this race are at Soldier Hollow which is on the hill behind my dad's house (maybe 2-3 miles away), and it's where they did the cross country skiing in the 2002 Olympics. It's a great place to ride, and I've ridden the route countless times when I lived there, and even since we've moved I've gone back up there to ride. It's one of the things I miss most about the Heber Valley.

Last year I had one of the ladies in my Masters Swim team tell me it was her favorite tri so I wanted to do it even more. 

Every year they've done this race on a Sunday so I haven't done it despite how fun I knew it must be. Until this year! I guess they finally realized that a lot of people in Utah don't like to race on Sundays. Yeah! 

I wasn't even going to do BAM this year, even though it's now on Saturday, because it's only a week before Coeur d'Alene, and what am I crazy? 

Apparently, yes, I am. 

After the swim got canceled at St. George, I really felt like I should still try to get a practice swim in. I have an open water swim and a bike scheduled for this Saturday, and this race was still open so . . .

Yeah, I've got another race on Saturday, and it should be a lot of fun!  I'm excited to see how I do. I really hope being on my home turf will give me a tiny bit of an advantage. Not an advantage over most of the people at the race who would leave me in the dust no matter what, but an advantage over myself or people close to me speed-wise. We'll see.

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