Thursday, June 11, 2009

Can You Eat Pizza?

I feel like I've gotten out of the blogging grove. It feels like I haven't been writing on my blog in forever, but I have been. Why is that? It's weird.

This morning, I was not so into the sleeping in anymore. That is so yesterday! My alarm went off at 7, and I would have gotten right up, but Elle was sleeping on my arm. She is just the sweetest thing when she's sleeping on my arm in the  morning. Of course, then I don't dare move more than I have to to hit snooze.

I did manage to extricate myself from the little monster, though, and I was out the door for my super long run by probably 7:30:
R: 40 minutes at RPE 3 with strides
Ok, it was not super long. It was 40 minutes. I had a hard time even taking that little 40 minutes seriously. I didn't even put on my running clothes, I just wore the t-shirt and sweats I wore to bed. Slacker hu? I started out running nice and easy, and was surprised how hard I was breathing! Maybe my music usually covers up the sound of my breathing so I don't notice it as much. I don't know. After 5 minutes I was ok with starting on my strides, though. I did them every 5 minutes which always makes my run go really fast, especially if it's only 40 minutes anyway. I really like that I can really recover while running now. I think this will be very helpful come Ironman. Of course, the whole 26.2 might have to be a recovery run. Ha.

Anyway, I did a 3.2 mile loop in 35:17. Dang, I was hoping it was further than 3.2! Oh well, that's what I did. Then I just ran another half mile or so to finish out the 40 minutes. 

Maybe I should have taken that workout a little more seriously, but it did say RPE 3 and that's pretty easy. I need to remember that I'm in my taper right now and not try to kill myself on every workout. I need to be resting up for the big day.

I spent the rest of the day trying to get the kids to clean up, which is futile because it's already messy again. How frustrating! We also watched Bolt while I folded laundry. It was really good.

Then I went to Costco to spend $200 because, seriously, I can not go there without spending that much! But I got a lot of good stuff, including a pizza for dinner.

When I got home, one of Pete's band members was over playing rock band so they helped us unload, then we had pizza. We were just getting back into playing rock band, and I was trying to sing Spider Webs by No Doubt (we bought the No Doubt pack, it's pretty awesome) when the other band member arrived. We told him there was pizza upstairs if he wanted some. He said, "Can you eat pizza?"

I had to look around because I thought he was talking to Elle or something. Can you eat pizza? What kind of question is that? Then he clarified, "Because your training right?" I just kind of made a face and kept on singing. I guess I never did answer his question. 

Can I eat pizza? Well, technically, I can. Obviously. 

Should I be eating pizza? Now, that's a better question. Maybe it's not the best thing for me to be eating, but it's not like I eat it every night. Plus, I only had one and a half pieces, not three. 

I haven't been very good about my diet have I? I was being really careful there for a while, but then I fell off the wagon. I still try to avoid too much processed stuff and too much sugar, but I'm definitely not avoiding it altogether. Will this make me totally die on Ironman day? I don't know. Maybe I should be more careful. It's not like anyone's forcing me to eat bad stuff. I can always say, "Oh, I can't have that, I'm in training." I just love saying that, I should be using it more!

Now I'm going to go have some cookies. No wait. I can't, I'm in training. I'm going to go have some almonds!


  1. It does make it easier to stay on track though doesn't it? on the flip side, as soon as no training, what's one more cookie? oh no!

  2. Exactly what I'm worried about! Plus, I'm in taper right now so I'm supposed to be lowering my food intake. I'm not very good at that!