Friday, June 19, 2009

You can't plan everything

This morning I got up all excited, and got the kids all excited about going swimming in the lake. Well, I should have looked outside first because it was all gray, and by the time we got to the lake, it was raining. My dad took the kids to the park to play while I waited in the long line for packet pick-up with Pete. We me a guy who lives in Hong Kong, and his mom who was going to be volunteering at the finish line. He said that he had to wake up at 4 am to train because it's just too hot and humid there. That's what my sister has said about being in China too. She wanted to run while she was there, but it's practically impossible in that heat. I'm amazed that he's doing it, and that he's shooting for a 12-hour finish! I hope he reaches his goal.

When we finally reached the tent where the athletes were signing in, Pete went to go buy some Newtons (running shoes) and we said we'd meet at the playground when we were done. After he walked off, though, I realized that he had the $10 I needed to pay for my USAT membership! Dang it! I said something to the guy from Hong Kong behind me as I tried to look for Pete, but he was gone. That guy (I wish I would have gotten his name) was really nice. He showed me his $20 bill and said he could pay for me. I told him he could come with me to find Pete after we were done and I'd pay him back, but I ended up loosing him in the tent. I hope I see him again to pay him back. I told Pete to watch for the mom at the finish line and he can give her the money there.

When I got done with packet pick-up, it was totally raining, and really cold. I found the kids all huddled under a little roof in the playground with blankets and towels wrapped around them. We ate our lunch there, then decided to go home (to our "week house" as Ethan calls it, or our "borrowed house"). They were so sad that we didn't go to the beach, but tomorrow looks like it should be sunny so hopefully we can go then. We'll see. We did go to the sign making tent on the way out, though, and they made me some awesome signs! I'm excited to watch for them when I'm running.

Hopefully I won't be soaking wet when I'm running. The forecast for Sunday is now a high of 62 wish showers. It has gone done from 60% chance of rain to 40% chance of rain so that makes me a little more hopeful. I'm really trying to keep a good attitude about this race with the weather looking like this. I just can't help but thinking about how miserable the St. George Marathon was running in the pouring rain, and I think about adding 7 or 8 hours to that, and it doesn't sound fun. If it does rain, I just hope it doesn't soak me.  A little rain's ok. I'll be ok with that.

I just had some delicious flan, and Pete's ushering me off to bed. He always says that the night before the night before the race is the most important night to get a lot of sleep. Of course, this makes me nervous that I won't sleep well, so I probably won't be able to sleep, but I will be a good girl and go to bed now.


  1. Good luck on your race Colleen! I hope it doesn't rain...Pete is a wonderfully supportive husband...and your children are being exposed to an excellent mom because she is showing them how to go after their dreams. <3