Monday, March 15, 2010

8 Miles in Bioms!

This Saturday I woke up early and actually went running at 7am. I know, can you believe it? I've had such trouble getting up early lately. Well, pretty much always. I actually was really lucky and hardly ever had to wake up early to train for Ironman. I decided I should really start waking up early to go run so I can go outside from now on because it's getting so nice!

It was perfect weather for a run. I did wear a jacket, but I was kind of wishing I didn't because it got too warm. It was a good place to carry my phone and keys though. Next week I'm going to start wearing my fuel belt for long runs so I won't have to worry about that anymore.

I had worked up to 40 minutes in my Bioms, and I needed to do 8 miles, so I was totally going to do a 4 mile loop then come home and switch shoes. I started running, though, and I was heading for my favorite run up 2nd avenue, and every step closer to it I got, the more I wanted to just do the whole run in the Bioms so I could get up there.

I got to mile 2 and I was feeling great so I decided I'd go to 3. When I got to 3, I was still feeling great and I only had 1 more mile before I'd need to turn around so I decided to keep going. When I made that decision, it was like, "FREEDOM!" I had a great run, and it was fun run down the hill in those shoes because I've never really let go with them before. It worked out just great! Here are my splits.

  1. 9:39
  2. 10:06
  3. 10:17
  4. 10:09
  5. 9:02
  6. 9:02
  7. 8:49
  8. 9:44
Total Distance: 8 miles
Total Time: 1:16:45
Average Pace: 9:36 min/mile

Just a little slower than last week.

The last mile was kind of hard. My legs were starting to feel a little sore and my knee was hurting a little bit, but really nothing too bad.

I had plans to stretch really good, take a nice long hot bath, maybe do the foam roller a little bit then just hang out and get some cleaning done while Pete went and did his Krav Level 1 test. When I got home, though, he told me that they advised getting a ride because of how beat up you get during the test. Of course I had to take him, I didn't want him driving home about to pass out or anything.

I stretched as long as I dared, but Pete was already going to be late for the review when he informed me of all this so we hurried and got in the car before I was quite ready. I did have my recoverite with me, though.

We came home and had a nice breakfast of pancakes and eggs, and I had just started my bath water when I got the message from Pete that he'd forgotten his cup and could I please bring it because he didn't really feel like getting kicked in the groin this day. I still took my bath and rubbed my legs a little afterwards, but I kind of hurried, and we rushed back over as soon as I was done.

We just stayed down there to shop for a birthday present for our niece while we waited for Pete to finish. He was really tired and sore when he got done, but he passed! You can read about his test here. We had just about an hour when we got home so Pete took a little nap, and I finally got the dished done, then we headed back out the door to drive up to Logan for the birthday party. It was really fun, and I'm glad we got to go see everyone, but man, what a day! I was glad to get home, do the foam roller and watch a movie with Pete at the end of the day. I was mostly sore in my calves, especially the right one. I wasn't as sore as you would think after doubling my milage with a new running form. Well, maybe I've kind of transitioned that form over into my old shoes too, and that helped. It is exciting that I've proved that I can now just start running only in my Bioms. No more stopping to change shoes mid-workout. That's just not as fun. :)

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