Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Easy Swim Day

I did the foam roller on my legs last night. Ouch! This morning I was still a tiny bit sore, but not bad. Mostly I was just worried about my cough because I was feeling pretty yucky again last night. I really couldn't stand the thought of doing nothing again, though. I decided I'd still do a swim, as planned, but that I'd take it really easy and slow and just focus on technique so I wouldn't make my cough get worse.

Here's what I did:

200 kick board w/flippers
200 swim
500 pull
200 swim
100 6x6s
200 swim
100 cool down

By the time I was half-way through, we had 3 people in our lane so we were swimming in circles, and we even had 4 people for a little while before they opened another lane. It was actually fun to have someone to swim with, and it didn't bother me at all to have to stop for a few seconds every once and a while to let them get further ahead. I was glad that I had decided to take it easy today, otherwise I might have been a little bit frustrated. They were nice ladies that joined me, though, and not bad swimmers so I tried to enjoy it.

I usually don't do drills and I hate 6x6s, but my coach in Masters when we were in Heber used to have me do them a lot so I thought they would be a good thing to do. I only managed 100 because I just feel like I'm going to drown doing them. I figured out that it's much better if I just take a breath when I turn then put my head back in the water until I turn again. That way I'm not trying to breath the whole time while splashing water in my face. It was really good to focus on technique today. I need to do it more often. It was cool to see the difference in how I felt swimming after doing the pull buoy or the 6x6s. It felt like it really helped.

When I got out, the one lady left in our lane said, "You guys swim fast!" (talking about me and the other lady who had just moved to a new lane) I was like, "Thanks!" That made me so happy because I really was taking it slow. :)

Total Distance: 1500 meters
Total Time: about 40 minutes

I brought a bottle of water in case I had a coughing fit in the middle of swimming or something, but I never did. I felt totally fine the whole time. I just love swimming! I did take a few drinks during my workout just in case, though. I have had to cough a little bit since I got home, especially after the kids got home and I started talking (ahem, maybe a little too loudly) more, but I still am feeling good. I'm optimistic that I'll sleep better tonight and feel good for my run tomorrow! I hope the weather's as nice tomorrow as it was today! It was so beautiful!

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