Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Run #4 with Bioms

Yesterday I had to skip my run because I didn't get up early and I had to take Mindy to the dentist. I made her the appointment last week because she's had this baby tooth sticking out all crooked for quite a while. The permanent tooth is coming in and it didn't seem to get getting loose and she kept complaining about it hurting. Well, when I picked her up at school to take her to the dentist, she tells me that it's bleeding, and when I look at it, it's totally loose. It was just hanging on by one corner! Since we already had the appointment we still went, but I felt pretty silly going to the dentist because she had a plain old loose tooth. He just numbed around it a little then pulled it out with his hand. Luckily he said he wouldn't charge me for an extraction because it was so easy.

I had them do a check-up while we were there, and they found 2 cavities! Oh no, her first cavities! Sad. They had time to fill them while we were there so I had them do it so we wouldn't have to go back. We ended up with a lot more than we bargained for at the dentist that day I'll tell you. Mindy was so sad when we got home, we had smoothies then watched Inkheart which had just arrived in the mail from Netflix. It was really good, we liked it, and it was fun to just sit and watch a movie with the girls (though Elle ended up going down for a nap half-way through it.).

In the afternoon, I took Ethan to his self defense class and had the best intentions to go run at the gym while he was in class. When we got to the gym, though, we discovered that the childcare didn't open until 5 which was the time Ethan's class got over. We went to the park across the street from the gym, and I thought I could run around the park while the girls played. There was even a little hill right by the playground that I could run up. I've done that before. But once we got closer to the playground I noticed that the whole park was overrun with rough looking guys, using very foul language, playing Frisbee golf. I never knew Frisbee golf was such a tough guy sport! I didn't feel comfortable leaving the girls at all, even if it was to just run up the hill and around the playground! I just staying with them while they played for a little while before going back to get Ethan.

It was a really pretty view from the park. My iphone camera really doesn't do it justice:

Today was going to be another really nice day and I didn't want to miss my run again even though I still kind of have a cough which kept me up a lot during the night. Elle's coughing too and I would have felt bad bringing her to the childcare so I decided it would be perfect to do a run with the stroller. It was even more perfect because that way I could easily bring my old shoes with me to change into half-way!

I ran about 2 miles to where there is a really steep hill. Again, I had foolishly thought, "I'll just park the stroller and do a few hill repeats," but when I got closer I realized that I really just couldn't justify leaving my little girl alone like that. She was sleeping soundly, and wouldn't have noticed, but I would have worried myself mad and felt bad about it if I had done it. So, I just pushed the stroller up the hills! I figured it would only make me stronger!

It was really hard work because it was really steep. Luckily it's not too far (it took me like one minute) before it turns off and it kind of winds up and down this hill so it was perfect for hill repeats. I was supposed to do 4:00 of total uphill time, but I didn't really time it. Pretty much the whole way out was a gradual uphill, and I probably did around 3:00 on the really steep part so I think it was good.

I wore my Bioms for about 32 minutes before my legs started hurting very much, and I started hearing Pete's voice in my head saying, "Promise me you'll change your shoes if it starts to hurt!" I stopped at a bus stop bench and changed them, then started running again. I kind of thought I'd feel more comfortable in my nice squishy stability trainers, but they actually kind of felt weird too me, like there was something in my shoe. It was ok, though, and I had a good run the rest of the way home.

Total Distance: 4 miles
Total Time: 42:24
Average Pace: 10:35 min/mile

That's pretty slow, but I think that was pretty good for being in new shoes, pushing a stroller and doing hills!

This is what Elle looked like when we got home. She was pretty much out of it for the whole thing. It's nice when she can get a good nap and I can get a workout at the same time!

I didn't cough for several hours after my run, and I was hoping maybe it had cured me, but then I went and got the kids from school and the coughing came back. Coincidence? I guess I need to be more careful about yelling at my kids too much!

My legs feel good. Maybe a tiny bit sore, and I'm going to go use the foam roller now, but I feel really good about the 30 minute run in the Bioms. I'm really starting to feel like I'm getting used to them. Exciting!

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