Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bad Swim

Yesterday I went swimming and I was just dragging! I was going to do my warm-up then do 2000 meters. I was just not feeling the swimming groove, and my arms were a little sore from weight training the day before. I ended up going a little short on my warm-up (600 instead of 800) which I think was a mistake, and by the time I got to 14 laps on my main set, my time was already around 15:30 or so. Ug. I thought about just doing a crappy 1500 and being done, but I hate to whimp out on my workouts so I compromised. I stopped at 1000 and rested for about 5 minutes and stretched my arms and shoulders then did another 1000. That helped so much! I felt so much better right away and could tell I was going faster even on the first lap, and by the end I was pulling nice and hard. It's amazing how much a little rest can do! Too bad you can't do that during a tri. I guess if you did, it would just add 5 minutes to your time, thereby not really helping you.

Anyway, here's my workout in a nutshell:

200 kick board/flippers
200 swim
200 pull

2 x 1000 with 5 minute rest between sets
  1. 21:30-ish
  2. 20:25

cool down

Total Distance: 2900
Total Time: 1:10

I felt pretty good when I got out, and I was glad I didn't give up even though it wasn't the best swim of my life. It's weird because I usually don't have bad swims. I pretty much always enjoy swimming. Oh well, I guess it's just like anything. There are good days and bad days.

When I was getting dressed I noticed my neck was hurting a little, and I just thought I needed to stretch it out a little. Bad idea. It just got worse not matter what I did. Turns out there is a big knot in my neck. It really hurt to drive home checking my blind spots, and it made me pretty grouchy all day. I rubbed it a lot during the day, and even took a nap which was scary because that could have made it worse, but it actually felt a little better afterwards. Pete rubbed it for me before I went to bed which helped a lot. I was really hoping I'd wake up with it gone, but it still hurts. I plan on doing a run with the stroller in a little bit so hopefully that makes it better, not worse.

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