Friday, March 19, 2010

Easy/Hard run and New Shoes

I did go running on Wednesday, and it actually did make my neck feel better for a little while, but it was really sore again when the evening came along. I can't tell you exactly how far I ran or how long it took because I paused my Garmin at a stop light and forgot to start it for like half a mile. Then I did it again on the way home!

It was a hard run because I didn't really feel like going, but it was easy because it was such a beautiful day outside.

It was hard because my feet hurt for the first half of the run, but it was easy because my legs felt good.

It was hard because I was pushing the stroller, but easy because I took it nice and slow.

It was hard because I didn't know how far I had really gone or how long I'd been out (dang user error!), but it was easy because I wasn't too worried about distance or time.

At the end, my Garman said I had almost run 3 miles. I know it was at least more than three, though, but I ran around the block for good measure. I'm just going to say that I ran about 4 miles which is all I was supposed to do since this is a recovery week. Who knows how long it took me either.

Overall, I'll say it was a good run. When I got home, Elle was asleep in the stroller so I just stayed outside and stretched for a while. When I was done with that, she was still asleep and I was enjoying the weather so much I actually wanted to go run some more. I didn't, though. Elle woke up and I went in and had a shower.

Thursday I made a couple of calls and asked around for referrals for good massage therapist because my neck was still really sore. I wasn't able to get an appointment anywhere on such short notice, though, and we left for St. George at 4. Pete's got a cold and wasn't feeling good at all so I did the driving, and luckily my neck was feeling a little better so it didn't hurt to check my blind spots so bad. We slept at Pete's parents' house on an air mattress, and this morning my neck actually felt a lot better! Weird that it just took driving for 5 hours and sleeping on an air mattress to feel better.

The reason we came to St. George was for a wedding. We needed to be there at 9:30 this morning, but I forgot to bring dress shoes! Oh no, what to do?! First thing this morning, I made a quick trip to Walmart and was pleasantly surprised with what I found:

I got these ones for $9...

and these ones for $6!

They were so cheap, and I was in such a hurry that I couldn't decide so I just bought both. Wahoo, 2 new pairs of shoes for $15! I wore a pink shirt and a white skirt and ended up going with the heels. Mindy really liked the ones with jewels, though. Too bad they're not her size.


  1. Nice! I forgot my cycling helmet before a triathlon this morning but didn't have such good luck finding a sweet deal like you ;)

  2. Oh man, that's the worst! Pete and I have done that before. I think walmart saved us in that situation too. I hope you still got to race!