Saturday, April 16, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

This has been an awesome training week. I did 8 out of my 9 scheduled workouts. Actually 10 out of 11 if you count strength training as separate workouts. Pretty impressive hu!? I'm really happy about it, and excited to be back into training agin.

One problem with being back into training full swing is that I have a harder time watching what I eat. It's like every day I feel like I've earned this or that treat, and it adds up! I need to start just having treats after my long runs or rides or something.

A while ago someone posted on twitter something like, "Eat as many treats as you want, as long as you make them yourself."

I really liked this, and thought it would be a good rule to live by. Of course, I can really make a lot of treats, as I've proved lately (ahem, cake, cookies, peanut butter carmel popcorn, granola... the list goes on) so my rule says: "You can have treats sometimes, as long as you make them yourself."

Well, I'm breaking that rule right now because Milka bars were on sale - 4 for $5. That's a great price, and they're so good that I just couldn't pass them up!

This actually breaks 2 of my rules. The other one being: "Just because it's cheap/on sale, doesn't mean you should buy it!"


I also told myself, and the kids, that I'm not going to buy any Easter candy. This isn't because I don't like Easter candy. It happens to be my favorite. This is more out of principle because I'm disgusted by how much space in the store is taken up by Easter (or whatever holiday) candy and how we are made to feel like we have to buy it. The sad thing is that if we didn't buy (and eat) so much Easter Candy, they wouldn't stock so much in the stores to tempt us and make us feel like we have to buy it. So I decided to just have homemade treats for Easter, and not buy into and add to all this madness. Sorry Cadbury.

Technically this isn't Easter candy, but I can't help but think that the reason it happened to be on sale is because Easter is so close...

But enough about chocolate.

Today I rode my bike outside for the first time in almost a year! Seriously, the last time I rode my tri bike was during St. George tri on May 15th - almost exactly 11 months ago. Then I found out I was pregnant and didn't dare get back on my bike.

Oh, that reminds me, George is 3 months old today!

Anyway, I was kind of nervous about getting out on my bike again. I don't know why. Probably because I just get nervous about everything. But, it turns out that riding a bike is just like... well... riding a bike! :)

I still know how to do it and didn't have any problems. Ok, so I couldn't clip in/out as easily as before, but that is partly because Pete switched my peddles out for his so they were different.

I had such a great ride, and enjoyed every single one of the 90 minutes I needed to ride. It was a little bit chilly and wet, and I got rained on a tiny bit, but it was not bad at all. I also explored the section of The Legacy Parkway Trail that they've added on since I was there last, and it was really cool! It kind of winds through a swampy area by the river. It's not all the way finished yet, though. It doesn't connect back to the Jordan River Parkway like I had hoped, but it goes quite a ways.

At the end of my ride I stopped by the Gateway to watch my friend finish the Salt Lake Half Marathon. It was her first half and she did an awesome job! The clock said 1:52 when she finished, and she said she didn't even get across the start line for several minutes so she was even faster than that! I'm so happy that she had such a good experience. I'm hoping to talk her into doing a tri with me this year - though she'll probably totally beat me with such a speedy run! :)

What a great day!

I had a fun night last night too:

Mindy and I went to the ballet! We saw Bolero at the Capitol Theater. It was so much fun to get dressed up and go out with her, even though she was super tired by the end. The ballet was beautiful and very creative. I'm so glad I got to go see it! It was the first time going to a real ballet for both of us. She's getting to be such a good little ballerina herself, I'm so proud of her for how hard she works!

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