Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Foot Update

Just a quick update. :)

Lets see, I hurt my foot on Wednesday, went swimming on Thursday then took Friday, Saturday and Sunday completely off.

Sunday, we had a little adventure because our washer totally flooded while we were at church. Luckily Pete had stayed home because he wasn't feeling well, so he stopped it from being much worse! It flooded the basement a bunch, and Pete used every towel in the house, and some blankets, trying to sop up the water. It's kind of funny because my sister was in town for Easter and had brought her laundry to do while she was here. It was her first load that the washer broke on, and her clothes were all soaking wet so we took them to the laundry mat to finish them up. First we went to the one just a few blocks from our house, and the place was packed! Why were so many people doing their laundry on Easter Sunday?! Seriously, there were no open machines and everyone looked at us like we were crazy when we walked in, so we drove down to the next closest one. This one was much bigger, nicer and practically empty. Weird. Anyway we got her laundry all done, and a diaper load because I didn't want to run out before we got our washer fixed, then went home to have a really fun and delicious Easter dinner with my brother and sister-in-law who got there while we were at the laundry mat.

That night I was heading to bed early so I could wake up and swim, when I realized there were no clean towels. At first I though, "oh well, I just won't bring a towel, I've done it before." Just because it was an accident last time doesn't mean it didn't work out. :) Then I realized that we still had the dish towels so I just packed a couple of those to bring with me, and went to bed. When Pete came to bed later, he told me that he'd washed a towel by hand for me, and put it in the dryer! Isn't that the sweetest thing ever? What a great husband I have! He was like, "No wife of mine is taking a dish towel swimming. " It was really nice of him to do that, and I enjoyed a full-size towel Monday morning at the pool.

Of course, Monday morning I slept in and had to cut my swim a little short, but it was still a good swim. It was my long day, and instead of doing 1500 for my main set, I just did 750. It was kind of fun towards the end because I was watching the clock and trying to cut 3 seconds off each lap, and I was able to finish in 14:47 . Or around that, and that included having to stop and fix my goggles on like the second to last lap. It's so much nicer swimming when you don't have water in your goggles! Speaking of goggles, does anyone have goggles that don't make you have raccoon eyes for half the day after swimming?

Today I got up and was so happy to find my foot feeling pretty much better. I was able to walk on it pretty much without limping, and very little pain! Yay! So, I did an hour-long trainer ride, and really pushed it. I did a 15 minute warm-up on the small chainring, then shifted to the big one and did 5 minute on, 5 minute off high intensity intervals for half an hour (So I guess just 3 intervals). With each one I'd click it up one gear harder so that by the end I was on the hardest gear. I really felt that! Then I did a 15 minute cool down and stretched. I was so happy that my foot didn't hurt at all on the bike! I was able to completely forget about it!

After that ride I pretty much decided I would be fine doing my long run tomorrow. It's only 7 miles so it's kind of a short long run, and I think I'll do 2 3.5 mile loops just in case it does hurt, then I won't be so far away. I'm getting more nervous about it now, though, because after a day of feeling like my foot was better, not icing it, not wearing compression socks, not wrapping it, not taking ibuprofen, and walking around on it a lot, it's pretty sore. I''m icing it now, and just hoping that it will feel good when I wake up and try to run on it. If not, I guess I'll wait.

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