Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Bike

Ah, spring break! This morning was so nice not to be rushed at all. I was able to sleep until George woke up at 6:30 (though he did wake up at 1:30 too). I fed him, got him back to bed, had breakfast and got ready to go then decided that I'd just ride my cruiser over to the gym.

When I got out there, the tire was totally flat, and I don't think I would have been able to get it out of the garage anyway because the car was in the way.

Ok, so I ran back inside and grabbed Pete's keys to just take his car, and ran back out. I went to turn the car on, and it was dead! I had left the lights on all night. Dang it!

For a second I thought I'd just walk, but I was kind of limping because my heel was hurting from this weird lump I discovered Sunday night. It's kind of painful and I wonder if I should be worried about it. I was able to run on it ok since I don't land on my heels anymore (thank goodness), but walking and standing around kind of hurts.

I ran back inside again to switch keys, and got in the Jeep, wondering if there was going to be something wrong with it too, but luckily there wasn't! I got to the pool at about 7:15, then my swim was pretty quick, lasting only about 35 minutes so I was home long before George woke up again. It was a speed day and I did 10 x 100s on 2:00, and here are my times:

I rested for one minute here.

Total Distance: 1500 yards

After I got home and made breakfast (I love me a good second breakfast!), I hung out until George went to sleep again before heading out on my bike ride. It seemed like a pretty nice day so I really excited to ride outside again!

When I first started the wind was a little nippy on my ears, but I warmed up after about 10 minutes then I was happy as a clam! I did about the same route as Saturday, but turned around sooner since it was only supposed to be for an hour.

I ended up going for 1:05 and covered about 16 miles. It was a really fun ride, but I was kind of hoping I'd gone farther than that! I've decided to try for an average of 20 mph at both Echo and The Utah Half. Is that too ambitious? I just really need to push myself on my mid-week rides.

My Bike

A while ago, someone asked me in the comments what kind of bike I recommend so I thought I'd talk about that for a minute. (sorry it took me so long!) I'm not really a good person to ask about this kind of thing because I've really only ridden one brand of bike, but I'll try to tell you about that.

I started out riding the bike Pete bought when he signed up for his first tri. It's a Giant road bike... I don't know what it's called or anything like that. It's the silver one. I remember when Pete first taught me how to ride it, I was so nervous, and I never thought I would be comfortable clipping in! I didn't even use it for my first tri because Pete was using it. I had just done a lot of spin classes then rented a bike for the race. I don't know what kind of bike that was either. That was a long time ago!

After we moved to Heber, Pete got a job at Pearl Izumi in Park City so he could get a really nice discount on bikes and gear. He bought 2 more Giants: a tri bike and a mountain bike. He started training for Ironman and the road bike now belonged to me!

Not a very good picture of the bike, but it was the only one I could find.

I loved that bike! I started riding a lot and getting more and more into triathlon, and I did get used to clipping in. I can't imagine trying to ride without clipping in now!

Then I signed up for my Ironman and Pete was ready to take a break so we just switched bikes. I was actually really hesitant to do that because I was so used to my bike and didn't want to change. Here I was again on a bike that made me nervous, and I never thought I'd be comfortable in the aero bars. I was wrong again. I got the bike fitted to me, and just started riding it a lot so I got used to it pretty quickly. Now I seriously love my bike!

This is the Giant Trinity Alliance. The top part is Carbon and the bottom is Aluminum. It feels smooth and fast. It shifts nicely and is really comfortable.

I joke around a lot about getting a new tri bike, but I'm not sure what I'd want. Sometimes I find myself drooling over the old (2009) blue and gray Cervelo P2. Isn't it just beautiful?!

And sometimes I think the Cannondale Slice is what I'd get if I had an extra couple grand since that's what she's riding these days. (Big fan much?)

But, really, I'm happy with what I have. It's a great bike!

So, there you go. That probably doesn't help at all! But I do know of a couple ladies who are selling some nice Cervelos if you want to check them out:

Cervelo P2SL -I would totally buy this one if I didn't have a bike. I think it's a bit lower end than mine since it's all Aluminum, but, again, I don't know much about bikes since I haven't ridden many. Love the color!

CerveloP3C -a much higher end bike than mine, but probably more than a slow girl like me needs!

What kind of bike do you ride? What do you like/dislike about it? I'd love to get some feedback here in the comments!

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  1. Nice swim intervals today. Enjoyed reading your bike comments. I just have a Trek 2.1 road bike that I got in June 2009. It's my first bike. It's OK but gosh, I hope in a year or two I can get a tri bike. I just got aero bars put on my bike a couple of months ago and I really like them a lot.