Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm Free

Last night I dreamt that I went for my run and it hurt my ankle really bad so when I woke up, I was extra nervous about running. I got up with George at about 5:15, but didn't get out of the house until 6:10 because I just kept putting it off.

Starting out was really delicate and I was kind of limp-running, but after a mile I was feeling pretty good. It did take me almost 14 minutes to get there, though. I stopped and stretched, then just decided to head home. When I got to the street I needed to turn on, though, my feet just kept going strait and I kept running. It was so great to be out running again!

I ran around a little more, never getting much farther than a mile from home, and got back to the house after 3.5 miles. That was my plan last night, to do 2 3.5 mile loops. I stopped inside to use the bathroom and checked the time. It was already 7:05. I wanted to run some more, but I'd told Pete I would be back by 7:30 so I didn't have time to finish the 7 miles. I decided I had time for 2 more miles, though, and headed back out. It kind of hurt to start going again, but soon it was feeling fine. There was kind of a dull ach the whole time, but it never got worse so I took that as a sign that it was ok to keep running. I actually felt great for the last half mile, and really didn't want to stop!

I was so happy that I was able to run without much pain! I ran 5.69 miles and it took me 1:17. Even though I didn't do my 7 miles, I was running so slowly (average pace was 13:35) that it took me the time it would usually take me to run 7 so I think that's good enough. After all, the point of the long run is to get your body used to running for a long time.

I was so excited to be "better" that I wasn't careful again, just like yesterday, and now my ankle is really sore again. It didn't help that I went and tried on new shoes so I was shoving my foot in and out of shoes a million times. I just had finally had it with my narrow Bioms and having my feet hurt after every run. Maybe that's just the way it is, but I don't remember having any problems with my feet until I started wearing those shoes. On the other hand, they really did help fix my running form, and I think they might have even helped me get a little faster (last year, I'm still slow this year!) so I was really hesitant to switch them out. I don't want to lose anything I've gained from them, but I want a wider shoe.

I finally decided on the Nike Free. I, of course, haven't tried running in them yet, and I'm still not sure if it was the right choice since they didn't have all the shoes I've been wanting to try. I just always have buyers remorse whenever I buy anything. I just hate spending money. I'll let you know how it goes. I have a 5k on Saturday so that might be when I try them out.

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