Friday, April 29, 2011

My Ironman Cap

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on yesterday's post! One, in particular, about made me cry, and it wasn't even from someone I know. I get in these "nobody likes me" moods sometimes even though those are supposed to go away once you graduate from high school, right? Sometimes I just wonder why anyone would want to read my blog, and I want everyone to like me. I tell myself that I doesn't matter what people think and that I should do what I want, but I think I'm thinking that just because I think it's what other people would want me to think! Haha I'm a little crazy like that. Anyway, it really means a lot to me whenever you comment and I can see people are actually reading and enjoying my blog. I guess I'll just keep doing what I've been doing, but I will try to add more pictures like this one of George being my coach while I rode on the trainer yesterday:

He seriously sat there and watched me ride for 45 minutes! Isn't he the best? I really love this kid!

This morning I wore my Ironman swim cap to the pool. I haven't worn it since the big day for sentimental reasons, but I couldn't see the one I usually wear in my bag. (Turns out it was in there, but I couldn't see it because it was dark.) I knew this one was just hanging on the wall so I grabbed it. I didn't want to seem like I was showing off by wearing a swim cap with "Ironman" on it, plus it still has my race number written on it in marker. How tacky. :) But I decided to use this swim cap as inspiration for the day. To remember why I was there, what I've accomplished and what I hope to accomplish this year. And I really think it worked!

My workout today was 4 x 75 with the last 25 in each backstroke to warm up, then 3 x 400 (easy, medium, hard) as my main set, and 200 cool down. So a total of 1700 yards.

My first 400 took me about 8:06 (counting stopping to fix my goggles once).

I did my second one in 7:42 and I thought, "Wow, that was quite a bit faster! I wonder if I can knock 20 seconds off again." So that's what I tried. It was pretty much all out for the whole 400, and I tried to cut at least 5-6 seconds off the clock each lap. I decided I really like doing 400s because it's long enough to use some endurance, but short enough that you can really push it!

I finished in 7:13! What?! That made me really happy, I'm pretty sure I've never done 400 that fast before! I was excited to have finished one in 7:50 last week!

While I was swimming, I thought a lot about how excited I am to be doing a half ironman this year, which I've never done. When I was training for the full Ironman, it was all pretty much about getting to where I could finish before the time cut off and not die. I didn't really worry about speed very much. Now I've done that so I know I can do the distance and I can really work on some speed this year! When I get a little farther into my training, I'm going to set a time goal, and make it a hard one.

As I was recovering from that awesome 400, the guy next to me (the same guy who told me I was fast last week) asked me if I knew how to do flip turns. I told him I kind of did, but that I never do them because I get water in my nose. I tried to kind of teach him how to do it, but I'm not a good teacher for that since I don't really do them my self. It did make me want to try a few, though. And, yes, I still get water in my nose when I do them!

What about you? Do you do flip turns? If so, how much of a time benefit does it give you? I've always justified not doing them because they don't really help me out in a "real life" situation since you don't do flip turns during a tri in open water.


  1. You rock! Way to go after it!! :D Flip turns... hmmm... I'm a flip turner but only out of habit, don't think it saves that much time, I'm pretty bad at them hehe

    It's funny, we are both in out of character moods lately... must be something going around the blogosphere. :) I like reading about you getting back out there, so just keep doin' what your doin' :D

  2. Nice swim!! I don't think there is anything wrong with wearing gear from your IM! YOu should be proud. I do flip turns some of the time. It mostly has to do with if I'm in the right mood as I come to the wall...mostly I'm not! :)