Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Sad (mouse) Tail

On a sad note, we got the mouse who's been living in our kitchen towel drawer today.

That should be a happy note, but I can't be happy about it.

I cried.

Like, really cried.

Like he was a beloved family pet or something.

In a way, he was. I mean, he'd been around for a while. He kept eating the peanut butter off the traps and leaving little presents for us under the towels (which we stopped using). I even saw him a couple times when I'd open the cupboard under the sink. He was a quick, smart little guy, but in the end we outsmarted him, and that makes me sad.

I had just opened the drawer, being used to seeing the mouse trap just sitting there, and there was a little dead mouse. I screamed, and Pete came to the rescue. He was supposed to take care of that. I wasn't supposed to see that! I feel like a terrible person. After all, I bought the traps. Poor little thing.

It reminds me of our other mouse story, that ended much happier. What if this was one of the baby mice we saved?! I can't think that.

Now I need more popcorn!

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