Thursday, May 14, 2009

14.2 Miles!

My run. Pretty impressive hu?

Today I took it easy until Pete got home from work, then I headed out for my run:

R: Almost 3hour long run. Maintain RPE of 3 throughout. Use
nutrition/hydration you worked on in past weeks. Long stretch afterwards
and hearty recovery meal of both carbs and protein.

I don't know exactly what "Almost" 3 hours is, but I decided to shoot for 2:45.  The house smelled like curry when. What a nice thing to look forward to coming home to!

I did the same run I did for my last long run, up through The Avenues, but this time I planned to come back the same long way I went. It seemed pretty slow going, but I was hoping to get to my turn around point at the top  by 1:30, and I made it there by 1:23. 

I felt so good when I got to the top! This time I was more careful, and took the big down-hill turn wider on the road where it was more even, and I had no pain in my knee at all! It was awesome running fast down that hill too! What a great way to practice going fast without having your heart-rate shoot up! As long as you're careful not to hurt yourself., that is.

I stopped at that beautiful little deli on the way down for a bathroom break. I love that place. 

I felt so good and fast for a while that I was thinking I might have to add a mile on at the end or something. I needed have worried about that, though. By the time I got about 2 miles from home, my feet were starting to hurt and I was having a hard time enjoying myself. The bottom of my left foot had a few minutes where it started having pain. It wasn't the same foot I broke, or in the same place, but I just kept hearing the doctors words in my mind: "If you would have kept running on it, it would have broken all the way." So I was just thinking, "Please stop hurting, please stop hurting," and it did stop. It was fine. 

When I got to the last mile, Vertigo by U2 came on so that really helped me get home. I was able to stop thinking about my aching legs and feet for a little while. Then I stopped, and everything started hurting. Isn't that weird that when you stop running, it starts hurting? At least that's how it is with me. I got home at exactly 2:45 so I guess that was a pretty good route I planned out!

I did a total of 14.2 miles at about 11:30 minute mile pace. If I can do that for the whole marathon (which I don't know if I could, I was feeling pretty tired and sore at the end), I would finish at almost exactly 5 hours. That would be great!

I've had a bath, and my curry (though it was quite disappointing - didn't taste nearly as good as it smelled), and now I've got my compression socks on and I would like to go to bed. Elle is still up and crying, though. Hopefully she'll go to sleep soon.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Ethan seems much better today! I didn't even worry about taking him to a doctor, I think it was just the scratches hurting him so bad. What a relief!

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  1. I just got caught up reading your blog, and wow! It's been a little crazy around your house, eh? I'm glad Ethan's okay, and Min's okay, and you're okay. You're doing amazing with your workouts, it's so hard to do with three kids! Keep up the great work!