Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Heber - Photo Special

We started our nice long weekend off with some yard work, and Pete got up on the roof to fix our swamp cooler. He eneded up scraping, then spraying out our gutters because they were so full of gunk that trees were starting to grow in there! It looked kind of cool, I wish I would have gotten a picture before he cleaned it out.

After getting the conspiring trees under control, we went to Heber. I miss it there so much, espeically at this time of year when it is just so nice. I can't say I missed it much during the winter, though it is still beautiful then (just really cold), but I do miss it now. If only we had an extra $300,000 or so. . . 

The horses next door came over to see if we were handing out apples. Sorry, Sarah (Ethan's name for her), the apple trees are just blossoming now:

How could I NOT want to live here? I was thinking about how when you're a little kid, you think the town you live in is the best in the world. Then you get to highschool and any other town would be better than the one you're in. I, and all of my friends, felt so trapped in this little valley. We would drive for at least half an hour to find anything moderatly fun to do elsewhere. It's funny how after I left, I learned to love the place so much again. I must have been blind in high school!

The back yard canal was covered in little snails - much to the delight of the children, who spent hours catching them, and much to the grosing out of my dad's girlfriend, Angela, who we all think is wonderful by the way. 

It's a miricle no one is wet in this picture! Don't worry, Ethan got his shoes and pants wet soon after.

Here's Elle pushing Aria in the swing. She sure loves her little cousin!

I love this one of Aria with the monkeys on her back. Look at that cute little pony tail!


  1. Great pictures, it's so pretty there!

  2. I am loving these pictures. The kids are sooo adorable! I miss them more than I could ever possibly convey. And your photography skills are still rockin! Love the ones of the horse and the apple blossoms. I would blow those up and hang them on my wall.

  3. Aria's ponytail reminds me of Pebbles Flinstone - it's so cute.

  4. I know, and don't the monkeys just complete the ensemble? :)