Friday, May 1, 2009

Tired, so tired.

This morning, I dropped Mindy off and left Ethan and Elle with Pete since he was working from home, and I went up to the gym. I was so tired driving up there, and even once I got there and had to change into my swimming suit. I've just been staying up way too late lately. Today I'm going to make this really quick so I can get to bed. . . after I fold the laundry, and fix the new dress I just bought for tomorrow. . .

Anyway, what I did was:
S: long day
wu: 200swim, 200kick, 200pull, 200swim
main: 2 x 1200, RPE 3 , even pace on both
cd: 4 x 50, each slower than last

I was in the lane next to the deep water aerobics class, and that was kind of cool because they made it a little wavy for me. The more waves the better when it comes to triathlon training! I want to be ready in case I ever have to do a stormy day swim again. Anyway, like I said, I was really tired and didn't really want to do such a long workout, but I managed to get it all done.

I did my first 1200 in 25:25, and the second in 25:12 so I'd say that was pretty even paced.

I only did 2 x 50 for my cool down because the water aerobics class was winding down and I wanted to get out before them. I didn't want all the showers to be taken when I got in there.

When I got home, I made bread and went grocery shopping. Then I picked Mindy up and put Elle down for a nap, hoping I would get one too. Se was quiet for maybe half an hour, then she started crying. That wasn't quite long enough for me, I was just about to fall asleep. I don't know if she was just playing in there then got upset or if she just took a really short nap. I kind of think she didn't take a nap (especially considering how well she went to bed tonight), but I let her come out and tried to lay down a little longer, but that didn't work out too well. I really do need to get to bed earlier today. I'm going to get up early for my big ride tomorrow. Pray it doesn't rain too hard on me.


  1. Good luck sweetie, you continue to inspire. Today on my run when i wanted to quit, I thought of you.

    ♥ lori

  2. I'm so glad to hear that! Thanks!