Sunday, May 10, 2009

6 Weeks to Ironman - Pictures!

Can I just say, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 6 weeks sounds very scary! My Ironman is next month guys, can you believe it? 

Ok, I'm calming down now.

I'd like to welcome any new followers or readers this week. I know I always say this, but thank you all for reading my blog. I have a hard time believing that I have all these people that actually read my blog every day. It's pretty awesome, and you guys give me so much support. It really does help me get through the long workouts.

I'd also like to remind everyone that I'm trying to raise enough money to buy 140 mosquito nets through Against Malaria. The nets are just $5, and every donation really helps so if you can spare a little, I would greatly appreciate it. And so would the people getting the nets. :) Thank you to all of you who have already donated!

One more peice of business. I have joined Twitter, as you can see over on the right-hand side, there is my latest tweet. If you have a twitter account, let me know so I can follow you!

Ok, now for those pictures I promised you. We had such a great trip to St. George this weekend. Thank you so much, Adam and Rachel for all the help and support and food you gave us! Our kids would have been so happy if we had just decided to stay there forever.

Here are Pete and I at the Brian Reagan show. He's looking at my like I'm crazy for wanting a picture. What's so crazy about that?

This is also at Tuacahn, where we saw Brian Reagan. It is an outdoor theater with such a beautiful backdrop. I tried taking a picture of Brain Reagan himself, but by the time he came out, and I remembered, it was too dark. Dang it.

Here are Mindy, Isaiah (Rachel's little boy), and Ethan on their little make-shift boat at Gunlock Reservoir. This is about the only time they were in the water.

Elle had to stop to put lotion on. You can see she's already had her mud bath.

Ethan up on the rocks. These rocks were the real hit of the excursion. We even spotted some lizards in there.

Mindy and Isaiah up on the rocks. "Be careful," is something each of us adults said at least 100 times. Mindy still got hit in the head with one of those big sticks, though. Luckily it was nothing too traumatic.

Here is the shore I swam to twice. That big, dead looking tree on the left is what I sighted from. It was really pretty there.

Here you can see the top of my hat as I crossed the finish line (In the red circle), and look at all my cheering fans! It's probably better that Pete didn't get a picture of me running, those never end up looking good - especially the ones where I'm sprinting to the finish line like a mad woman.

Here I am with my bagel after I was all finished. Overall, a pretty great race if you just consider it a duathlon. :)

The race results are in and here's how I did:

In the Olympic Women's 25-29 devision, I came in #10 out of 17, and my total time was 2:43:51.

It says my swim was 32:36, but I'm guessing that means the first 5k. Not great, but ok considering that also covers the transition. 

My bike was 1:33:24 which is an average speed of about 16 mph.

I didn't run over the timing chip mat right as I left for the second run so it didn't record it, but I figure it was about 36 minutes.

Let's just remember I've mostly been doing distance training, but I was still a lot faster than last year with my bike being 1:52:38 (20 minutes faster) and my run being 1:26:38 (about 20 minutes faster again)!


  1. Great pics! I'm in total agreement about the running pictures! haha! But still I bet you looked great, smiling and finishing strong! The end bagel is sooo yummy ☺ You look so happy!
    Great job Colleen, you'll be ready for Ironman.

  2. Thanks, Lori. I sure hope I'm ready.

    I agree, those finishing bagels sure do taste good, and the oranges!

  3. Last night I was thinking, poor Colleen, she probably didn't get any breakfast because I'm such a lousy hostess! But now that I see you got a bagel . . . ;)

    It was such a great weekend, and so cool to be a part of your race, you're such an inspiration to me. Feel free to come and stay anytime, we loved it!

  4. Rachel, don't worry about it. I grabbed one of your bananas on the way out. :)

    I'm sure we will take you up on that offer to stay again sometime. . . maybe in the fall.