Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day! Sorry I haven't posted for 3 whole days! Whatever did you do without me? We had a fun long weekend, here's what we did:

The kids were out of school on Friday so headed up to Heber. We brought our wet suits to maybe go swimming in Deer Creek, but we ended up just visiting some friends and relaxing for the night. 

Saturday was my long ride. I wanted to do at least 90 miles, or 6 hours, which ever came first.I put off leaving because I had just brought my tri outfit and not jacket, and it was kind of cold. I finally rummaged through my sister's closet and found a jacket to wear. It was too big and bulky, not aero dynamic at all, not wicking, and not very visible since it was brown, but it sure made me feel better when I looked at the gray sky ahead of me. The jacket ended up being getting wrapped around my waist after the first 10 minutes, but I was glad to have it when it did start to rain on me. It felt so cozy and warm when I put it on! It didn't rain enough to cause a problem, just enough to be glad of a jacket. Thanks, Katie! 

Here's the ride I planned out:

I went through Midway up to what I thought was Echo, but turns out it was only Colsville. The way up was really good. There's one really long, big hill that took me about half an hour going about 5 mph to get up, but after I got to Kamas, it was really fast and fun. It was also a really beautiful ride. The only downside was that I had to ride along a highway most of the whole way, and there were times when there was pretty much no shoulder. That was a little scary, especially because most of the vehicles that passed me were big pick-up trucks, and most of them were pulling big horse trailers and going way too fast. I survived though!

When I was getting close to 45 miles, I started thinking I wouldn't make it to Echo, but then I got really excited when I got to this little town that I recognized. I got to 45 miles right past the high school where you park for Echo Tri so I stopped there to switch my water bottles, call Pete, get my cliff bar out, and reaply sunscreen. I only put more sunscreen on my face because everywhere else was covered up at least part of the time.

The way back was WAY harder than the way out! It seemed like it was uphill most of the way, and the wind was against me so I couldn't get going faster than like 14 mph. I felt like I was pulling the bike trailer. 

It just took forever to get home, and toward the end I was having a hard time keeping my legs moving, and I was so sore. My legs and knees were sore, my back was sore and my neck was sore. I ended up just going through Heber instead of Midway because I knew it would be shorter and mostly downhill. Even the downhills were not that easy, and I couldn't even get going more than 35 mph going down that long hard hill. Dang wind.

I got home and Pete showed me his timer. I had been gone just about 7 hours! No wonder I was so tired! I didn't want to, but I was supposed to run for 20 minutes. As I was putting my running shoes on (and just hurting everywhere), my dad comes in with KFC. Pete told me just to cut my run short so I could come eat with them. I had no problem with that. When I first started running, my leg hurt so bad I thought I had pulled something and that I wouldn't be able to run at all. I kept trying, though, and after about 5 minutes, I felt just fine. I probably could have ran for the 20 minutes, but I had already decided to just do 10 so that's all I did.

I was very glad to go get my recoverite, my stretching, my bath and my dinner. 

I really hope Coeur d'Alene is easier than that. Pete doesn't give me much hope though. It was good to experience such a hard ride and now I know what it's like to be riding for 7 hours which is what I want to shoot for in the Ironman. I just need to go 22 more miles in that time.

Total miles: 90.9 miles
Total time: 7 hours
Average speed: 12.9 mph (pretty dang slow)

Sunday was a much needed rest day. I was pretty sore, and had no problem taking it easy.

Today was scheduled as another rest day. I'm into my rest week now! Yeah!

We went to the zoo all day before coming home. It was fun even though it was super crowded. We got to see the bird show which is always fun to watch. Maybe I'll post some pictures for you on a shorter post. :) 

It's nice to be back home!

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