Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busy Biker

I was so tired this morning! I need to stop going to bed at midnight.  

After dropping Mindy and Pete off, I went over to our photographer's house to order our prints. I'm so excited to get them!

We stopped at the library on the way home, then had an early lunch. Then I hooked the bike trailer up and brought Ethan to school. I thought for sure he would be late, but his teacher was still outside waiting when we got there! How nice, I always hate leaving the bike outside to run him in.  Elle was almost asleep as we dropped him off, so it didn't take her long to be totally out once we got riding. 
B: 2 hours, RPE 4-5 with some hills.
Um, I did 2 hours, but I didn't really do many hills because I had the bike trailer, and I don't think I was up at RPE 4-5. I should have checked this before I left, but I was running late - as usual. Oh well. I didn't take it too easy, I kept my heart-rate between 140-150, and it wasn't too easy on the way out because the wind was against me. I like it when it happens that way, though, because that meant the wind was with me on the way home! How fun is that!? I even got going upwards of 16 mph on the slight downhill on the way home. Yeeeha!

Ok, so that isn't really that fast, but with the bike trailer I have a hard time getting to 14 mph so I thought this was good, and it was fun. 

It was really hot today, I found myself wondering when my drink timer would beep a lot, and I didn't have trouble drinking it all by the end. My Hammer Gel really stung my throat when I took it because I was so thirsty. Maybe, in the future, on hot days I should take a drink before and after the gel.

It was a good ride. Elle was getting a little fussy by the end since she woke up at around the half-way point, but even then she didn't really cause a problem.

Total time: 1:55
Total distance: 20.2
Average speed: 12.2 (this doesn't really add up to me, but it's what my bike computer said...)

When I got home, I didn't even have time to shower because I had to go drop the Jeep off to get new tires, then walk over to the school to pick the kids up, and walk back to get it. (Man were those new tires expensive! This is the first time I've bought tires for such a large vehicle.)  We then went to the store to kill time before picking Pete up. I just felt like I was moving non-stop today. It was good to get the kids to bed so now I can just relax for a few minutes, after finishing putting the turf builder on the lawn of course. 

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