Friday, May 15, 2009

Good Food, A Belly Dancer, Dooce and Star Trek

I took today off, and it was really nice not to have to worry about figuring out when and where to do my workout. I took the kids to the zoo, and tried to take a little nap afterwards, but that didn't really work out. That's ok, though, it was just a courtesy nap (courtesy to my legs). I wore my compression socks all night last night and all day today. My legs didn't really feel sore which seems amazing to me! If I'm not used to running, I can go run 2 or 3 miles and my legs will be killing me the next morning, but now I must be a little bit more used to it because you'd think I would be sore after 14 miles! Pretty amazing what the human body can adapt to isn't it!? 
My legs were tired today, though. I can't say they were as good as new (especially going up and down stairs), but they weren't really hurting. Even so, I don't know why I thought it would be a good day to go walk around at the zoo for a few hours. It was fun though. We got to see the elaphant show which was really cool. The elephant's name is Christie and she is going to be having a baby this summer so we're really excited about that! I told Ethan that she was going to have a baby soon, then a little while later I asked him if he wanted to go see some other animals. He said, "No, I wanna wait until after she has the baby." I had to explain to him that she wasn't actually going to have the baby today, but this summer. I guess soon to me and soon to a 5-year-old is a little different. 

Tonight we got a sitter, and Pete and I got to go out on a date. We went to The Cedars of Lebanon and had some delicious Lebanese and Moroccan food, including Baclava for desert. We had heard they had belly dancers there, and we were looking forward to watching that, but when she came out we were just like, "Woah!" Lets just say she seemed a little more like a stripper than an authentic belly dancer, but what do I know. It did seem a little weird though. There was even this lady there who Pete called a "cougar" who got up and put some money in the dancers belt. We were just like, "Um, ok. . ."

So, we were a little let down by the dancer, but not by the food. I would recommend going there for the food.

Afterwards we went to Star Trek. Pete had already seen it but he wanted to see it again, and I wanted to see it since all I've heard is about how good it is. We got there, and Pete asked some people if they could move over so there would be 2 seats together for us. Then I sat down and Pete says, "That woman you're sitting next to is Dooce." I was like, "Really?!" If you don't know who Dooce is, she is one of the first professional mommy bloggers. (According to Pete) He actually followed her for a couple years. I just started following her and when he saw her on my twitter, he goes, "Dooce? Welcome to blogging!" I hadn't even realized she lived in Salt Lake. I'm obviously not a very good follower, I've just read one post and her tweets.

Anyway, it surely was her. I spent the whole show feeling weird about the fact that I knew stuff about this lady sitting next to me, and she didn't know I knew. It was weird. I kind of felt like it would be cool to say hi or something when the movie got over, but neither Pete or I could think of anything to say that wouldn't be awkward. And if Pete wasn't going to talk to someone, I sure wasn't going to. We just got up and left when it was over, talking about how weird it was once we were out of ear-shot. It just makes me wonder about this whole blogging thing. I mean, do I really want people I don't know to know things about me and my family? I never had a problem with it before, but it was just such a weird, uncomfortable feeling seeing her. I guess that's how it is seeing any celebrity, but now that I'm blogging I can kind of see myself in her place. I know, I really have nothing to fear, I've got 18 followers - most of whom I know personally, and she's got a book deal. Who knows how much she's made off of her blog. It seems like a cool thing to do for a living, but is it worth it? I wonder how often she runs into people who know her. 

But the movie was really good. I would recommend it along with the Lebanese food. It was a really fun date.

Big day tomorrow, guys - 5.5 hours on the bike. Will I be able to do it? Will I go crazy in the process?  We'll see. . . 

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