Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Dimensions

Last night I went to Mike Mamales' house from The Fit Right to get my bike fitted to me. Pete told me it would kind of be like going to the eye doctor, and that's how it was. He kept asking me how I felt and I'd just say, "good." Then he'd change something and ask me which one was better, but I wouldn't even notice a difference. I had that same kind of nervousness I get when I get an eye exam that I'm answering wrong because it's too hard to tell. I don't want to end up with the wrong prescription, and I don't want to end up with the wrong fit either. 

I was also a little nervous having this guy watch me ride as I looked at his little shelf with probably close to a hundred medals, trophies, several plaques saying "1st place," and stuff like that. Not to mention all his Ironman memorabilia on the walls, and tattoo on his leg. It was good, though, and he gave me a lot of good advice. 

I need to relax my hands when I'm in the aero bars or I will get off the bike with tired arms. 

He said my training should peek 3 months before the race, so around March 21. That's way sooner than I had planned, so I really need to get ramping up the miles. That makes me a little nervous, but Pete didn't peek until about a month before his race so I think I'll be ok.

I need to keep my rpms around 90-95, and I need to get some half-hour to hour long bricks in after my long rides, but that my long runs don't need to be more than 20 miles or so. I already knew these things, but it's nice to have them reinforced. 

He made a little mark on the side of my knee with a marker that is the color of dried blood. Today I even saw it and thought, "what did I do to my leg?" It took me a second to remember what it was. Overall he made me a lot more comfortable on my bike, but it still needs a new stem since the one on there is broken and too long for me.  Really the bike frame is just one size too big, but he said it should work. That's the price you pay for a hand-me-down bike. I really don't feel like shilling out a couple thousand dollars for a new one at this point so this one  will have to do.

I didn't think I would try it out today because I was planning on going to Spin class and Yoga afterwards, but that was not in the cards. Elle got sick with a cough and runny nose, and was awake for most of the night (or so it seemed to me) because of it. Well, I can't really take her to the day care like that so I was stuck with riding the trainer. This was probably good, though, because I need to get used to being on my bike. A LOT.

Elle went down for a nap really easily so I had some nice quite time to get on the trainer. I did it for an hour and made sure to do 90 rpm or higher the whole time. It was a good workout. My arms and shoulders felt pretty good, but I was still really uncomfortable on the saddle.  Maybe I just need to get a new one, Mike told me this one is more like a road bike saddle. I wonder if I can get one of those fat, padded ones like they have on the spin bikes. I like those!

And Elle woke up just around the time I got done, in time to tell me she had pooped and peed in her underwear. How nice.

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