Sunday, February 8, 2009

19 Weeks to Ironman

As I lay in bed last night, thinking that today it would be 19 weeks until Coeur d'Alene, I could feel my heart-rate start to go up and my breathing quicken a little bit. What I think this means is that I'm nervous. Just a little bit nervous. Or, maybe a lot nervous. Depends on when you ask me. I spent last night on the internet looking for outfits I could wear, what would look good but also be practical. I think I've decided on this purple one.  But then, I have a red and gray bike, so that might clash too much. Maybe something black or gray? But then Pete said, purple would make it easier for him to find me than if I wore a black one. Decisions, decisions. Then I laid down and thought about how many weeks I have left. Ok, my pulse is quickening again as I write this. Just breathe....

This morning we got to sleep in. It was so nice! I didn't set my alarm because I thought there was no way I'd sleep past 8, but when I woke up, it was 9:30! We had to be at my Dad's before 11:30 so he wouldn't be stuck taking the kids to church alone. Actually, he wouldn't have even been able to take them since we had the car seats. We were quick, though, and made it there with half an hour to spare. I kind of thought I'd have to get the girls' hair done before we left, but I don't know why I was even worried. My dad did 3 girls' hair by himself for how many years? I can't say I was the most stylish girl in town, but he did a great job! 

My dad is amazing! For those of you who don't know, we lived with my dad in Heber for 2 1/2 years before moving here to Salt Lake so the kids are really close to him. They miss him a lot, and he misses having them around so everyone was excited for the sleep-over last night. His girlfriend even came over with loads of things for them to do. They made their own personal pizzas, heart-shaped cookies, and decorated picture frames. 

They were all pretty sleepy in church from staying up so late, but I think that's ok every once and a while. Elle actually fell asleep in nursery, then woke up, started screaming and ended up staying with me after that. Mindy insisted on staying with me too because she was too tired to go to primary, but Ethan (who is usually the one to put up a fight) went right in to Primary and had a great time! We were excited about that.

After church, we got to see Sabel and she looked really good! She said she was feeling much better too. She just needs to be careful not to get sick because that is what set her heart problems off. Hopefully she'll just take it easy, but not get too bored! Maybe she's reading my blog right now. Hi Sabel! :)

We also visited my grandparents and had a YUMMY dinner with my dad before heading home.

The last 3 times we've made the trip to Heber, it's been snowing. It makes me feel like Heber is constantly in some state of snowyness. Christmas day it was a total blizzard, but today it was just tiny white specks floating around in the air. It was kind of cool. It is always weird how much colder it is there, though. We were starting to feel like it's spring here because the snow is all melting and it's been pretty warm, but it's 20 degrees colder in Heber! It's a cold, but beautiful place. 

Here is a picture from last year when we really got dumped on in Heber. This year is not nearly as bad. Or I should say as good. Depends on who you are I guess. 

This picture was taken Christmas 2005. I think it was Ethan's first time ever seeing snow since we lived in St. George until then. 


  1. Colleen, I'm so glad to hear your sister is feeling better.

    YES! get the purple! great! and nerves...thats a good thing, no? i think theres something to be said for the adrenaline push you get from them..just don't forget to breathe! now! of course you'll be breathin on the day, hehe!
    I love the pics, the snow looks fake.

    xx lori

  2. Yes, I suppose the nerves are a good thing - otherwise I probably wouldn't be training nearly enough! The adrenaline definitely helps too, love that suff!

    The snow is only too real and too cold. It's snowing more here today, I'm going to try to get a good picture of the snow here in the city.

  3. I like the purple, who cares if it doesn't match the bike?