Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Saddle!

Today my plan said to do 1 hour on the bike, but I decided to do 2. I kind of was planning to go outside, but I was a too nervous about the stem still being wobbly. That's right, I never went and got that temporary stem from the bike shop.

So I did 2 hours on the trainer, and I had a 2 hour bottle of Perpetuem and alternated drinking it and water every 10 minutes. I tried to keep a cadence of 90 rpms, except when I had to stop the kids from killing each other and stuff like that.

After my ride, I drank a bottle of Recoverite while I stretched. Then I wanted to take a nice hot bath, but it ended up running it too cold, and using up the hot water with the cold, while I helped Elle go potty. Pete told me I need to work on my bath-running skills.

We took the kids up to Heber, and left them with my dad so that we could go to SBR Sports and try out bike seats. The girl working there was really helpful, and I tried out 3 or 4 different seats on their trainer, and I got one that's way more comfortable than the original one. I'm so excited about it!

Then we came back to Salt Lake to go to a party to get to know some people in the ward. It was really fun, and I'm glad we drove all the way back here for it. Now we get the whole night with no kids! Yeah!

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