Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to the Basics

Today my training plan said:
R: 45minutes very easy run, RPE 3.
Pete was working from home, so I left Ethan and Elle with him, after taking Mindy to school, and I got to run outside! It was nice and warm, maybe 40 degrees, and I just ran in a t-shirt. It was about perfect. I was maybe a little bit cold, but nothing too distracting. I ran 4.6 miles in 50 minutes. It was supposed to be very easy, though, right? I sure can feel the difference in my knees between running on the track and running on the sidewalk. I guess this means I need to start running outside more so my knees can get used to it. I will do it gradually, though. They weren't that sore, but more than when I run on the track.

When I got back, Ethan was spelling out words on and Pete was helping Elle put a puzzle together. They were both doing a really good job! What bright children I have! I had a drink and some Hammer Gel, then I took Ethan and Elle to the daycare at the gym and did this swim workout:
S: speed day
wu: 400 continuous. last 50 in each 100 is kick
main: 8 x 100 EBEH (each 100 = 25Easy, 25Build, 25Easy, 25 Hard)
cd: 6 x 25, each slower than last
This is my last "prep week" so my plan is having me do the same thing as the first week. I don't really know why we're doing this, but it's nice to kind of take it a little easier. On my easy laps, I tried to focus on my form. I tried to reach as far as I could and push the stroke all the way through, not cross my hands over in front of me, and keep my feet up. My 100s were all between 1:50-1:56 so that was pretty good I thought.

I can't say I had any interesting thoughts while I was working out today.  What was I even thinking about? I have no idea. It was nice to run outside, and I'm so excited for the weather to be warming up! I'm sure we'll have another cold spell before the winter's really over, though. I'm trying not to get too excited yet.

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